How To Market Your Home Health Business

A home health business provides medical as well as supportive care for clients who want/need to be cared for at home

How To Market Your Home Health Business

A home health business provides medical as well as supportive care for clients who want/need to be cared for at home. With a growing aging population needing home health care, the number of home health businesses have been steadily increasing. If you want to secure a regular flow of clients in today's competitive environment, then you'll need to actively market your home health business.

Marketing Your Home Health Business

Your home health business should be marketed to potential customers within the area that your business services. This becomes even more important if there are multiple home health businesses within the same area, or servicing the same area.

You can market your home health business online, in your community, as well as with traditional marketing. Here are five ways you can market your home health business to get more clients:

1. Build A Professional Website

When it comes to online marketing, your business website will be key in getting your home health business noticed. You should provide accurate contact details, as well as clear details on the services your home health business offers.

If your website is SEO integrated, then you can really shine as a home health business. Search engine optimization is now the norm for everything from business websites to social media posts. Consider hiring an SEO professional to help you rank higher on search engines.

You can also consider writing a blog on your website. Providing informative content, and then sharing the blog link through your business social media profiles can help your website gain traction.

2. Social Media Profiles

Home health businesses should consider investing their energy in building business social media profiles in three platforms - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At the same time, you should also consider keeping in mind that you'll need separate dedicated marketing strategies for each social media platform.

Provide quality posts on your social media profiles on a consistent basis. Consider actively trying to increase your engagement rate. One way to do this is by using community focused posts and pictures. You should also be prompt in your replies to people on social media.

3. Make Use of Analytics and Insights

Various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, provide tools that allow you to analyze and clean insights from user data. You can monitor how often people engage with your business social media profiles. You can gain insights on posts that are doing well, as well as point out posts that aren't performing well.

Analytics and insights aren't limited to social media, but can be used on your website as well. Even Google allows you to gain insights. By tracking and monitoring how well your content is working, and how strong your business reputation is, you can create better marketing strategies.

4. Don't Be Afraid of Aggressive Advertising

A lot of social media advertising is free, but paid advertising shouldn't be neglected. If you open a business profile on Facebook, then you'll be able to make use of Ads Manager. This allows you to run as campaigns. Facebook also allows you to target market on the platform for a nominal sum.

When it comes to Google, you should absolutely consider using Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Through Google Search Network, people who are looking for home health care in your area will be able to discover your business. Google Display Network shows ads in the form of banners to people who are visiting related websites.

Even traditional marketing can have a positive impact when it comes to generating new leads for your home health business. Consider branding your business, in the form of uniforms or adding a logo for your business on the side of your home health vans.

Paid advertising can also help you market your home health business. Pay per click and pay per view marketing can help you generate new leads for your website.

5. Consider a Reward Program for Referrals

Referrals are often the most common way for home health businesses to get new clients. When an existing client is satisfied or happy with your business, they may recommend your products or services to others. This in turn can help you get more clients later on.

While this happens organically all the time, you can also consider giving your clients an incentive. A rewards program, in the form of discounts or extra services can help you gain more clients through referrals.


Home health businesses can consider various ways to market their businesses. Aside from these ideas, you can also consider visiting local health fairs. Having a booth yourself can enable you to get to know the community you want o serve as well.

Consider protecting your home health business with business insurance. If you want to learn all about how business insurance can help you protect your home health business, then click here.

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