Hunting of marine mammals: Every year man kills 100,000 dolphins and whales

Animal rights activists have published new figures for hunting marine mammals. As a result, the number of dolphins and whales that have been created has increased considerably.

Hunting of marine mammals: Every year man kills 100,000 dolphins and whales

Dolphins and whales are hunted more and more in knowledge of animal rights activists. Meanwhile, around 100,000 animals were killed per year worldwide, organizations shared animal Welfare Institute, Whale and Dolphin conservation and pro wildlife. That is more than previously assumed.

For ir report, animal rights activists evaluated more than 300 scientific studies as well as eyewitness and newspaper reports. Thus, main cause of increasing hunting is that dolphins are being consumed more strongly in poorer countries. Especially in West African countries, dolphin meat substitutes dwindling returns from local fisheries to feed growing population.

Animal rights activists also complain about use of dolphin meat as bait. "In many countries, catching sharks or tuna is biggest motivation to hunt dolphins," said pro-Wildlife founder Sandra Alrr. Thus, sliced dolphin meat is used more and more often on hooks or in pots for baiting.

15,000 killed animals in Peru

The by-catch, in which dolphins accidentally land in fishing nets, is also a growing problem. At least in countries where by-catch could be used commercially, animals no longer landed quite so accidentally on net. "Since we see that re is a transition to an intending hunt," said Alrr.

According to report, most animals are killed in Peru, with around 15,000 dolphins and whales dying every year. It is followed by Nigeria with 10,000 animals. In Brazil, Venezuela, Madagascar, India, South Korea and Malaysia, thousands of marine mammals would die per year.

Date Of Update: 31 July 2018, 12:00

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