If the basic version is not enough: Porsche 911 Carrera T - the new 911 variant

The car manufacturer Porsche remains a master at inventing new sub-variants of the 911.

If the basic version is not enough: Porsche 911 Carrera T - the new 911 variant

The car manufacturer Porsche remains a master at inventing new sub-variants of the 911. With the Carrera T, there is now a derivative of the basic 911 that promises an extra portion of puristic driving fun for a five-figure surcharge.

The same applies to the Porsche 911: The basic version is comparatively cheap, but possibly a little bland. Anyone who invests around 10,000 euros more can now alternatively get the Carrera T, which is only offered as a coupé and promises more spice and puristic 911 fun. However, its slightly more pointed design does not only bring advantages. But that's whining at a high level.

The Carrera T is a young, albeit not entirely new, derivative of the 911. A version of the same name based on the 911 generation 991 was already offered between 2018 and 2019. Like the first T, the new edition as a dynamically sharpened version is positioned just above the base, but in terms of performance it remains at the base level and thus remains well below the Carrera S.

The drive is identical to that of the 911 Carrera. Means: 283 kW/385 turbo hp, which is directed solely to the rear axle. Unlike the Carrera, the Carrera T is also available with a 7-speed manual transmission as an alternative to the 8-speed PDK. The T thus offers the only possibility of manually managing the power of the entry-level 911 motorization via gearshift travel, which is also shortened as standard. At Porsche, a high order rate for the manual transmission is assumed, because the T focuses on the more puristic driving experience, which is why, among other things, no all-wheel drive is offered.

With the T, Porsche has also turned the screw further in the direction of performance by reducing weight. At 1470 kilograms, the new version is 35 kilograms lighter than the normal Carrera with PDK. For example, doing without the rear seat and seat belts saves over 7 kilograms. Instead, there is a larger carpeted space behind the front seats. If you don't want to do without the emergency seats, you can order them for the T. A lighter battery, thinner windows in the rear and the absence of insulating material save further kilos.

In addition, a few performance treats reserved for the simple Carrera are part of the equipment. For example, there are mixed tires with 20-inch light-alloy wheels in titanium gray at the front and 21-inch at the rear. In addition, the T offers the PASM sports suspension with body lowered by one centimeter and the SportChrono package. Finally, the GT sports steering wheel, sports exhaust system and sports seats Plus are also on board. All of the details mentioned so far, together with a few gray accents on the outside, are part of the standard specification and style-defining character of the T. All-wheel steering can also be ordered as an option for the Carrera S, which allows even more precise and agile maneuvering through tight bends.

According to Michael Rösler, project manager for the entire 911 vehicle at Porsche, weight was saved in key areas of the T, which is why you should experience it noticeably more agile and balanced compared to the normal Carrera. We can convince ourselves of this on the winding roads of the local mountains of Los Angeles. In order to get there, we first went over highways, on which we got to feel every second of the abundant bitumen seams. The chassis is harder, the acoustic insulation is lower, which clearly has a negative effect on the comfort experience.

The 3.0 liter boxer engine is also acoustically more present. Its mechanical noises and the sound of the sports exhaust system, which can be adjusted in volume at the push of a button, convey a lot of classic 911 feeling. At least it feels like a bit of the purism of the early 911s is making its way into the T, which has been lost a little more with each new generation of the series. Occasionally, however, one also perceives turbo whistles in the Carrera T. Nevertheless, the response of the six-cylinder often conveys the feeling that a classic naturally aspirated engine in the rear could do its propulsion work. However, if you drive in a high gear at low revs, you can experience turbo lag and a certain sluggishness when spontaneously requesting power.

Even if you first have to get used to the many gears, it's fun to let the shift lever slide back and forth through the shift gates almost as if guided by an invisible hand. Shifting down two gears, the boxer pushes bearishly forward.

On the winding mountain roads we could largely do without manual work. In fact, third gear is enough to rush into the next bend with powerful thrust after the apex of the curve. The sports seats covered with Race-Tex, which give a lot of lateral support, but also constrict if you have too much hip gold, are pleasant during faster left-right maneuvers. The lateral dynamic potential is high, very high in fact. Higher than the normal Carrera, as 911 expert Rösler promises? It's hard to say without a direct comparison.

More equipment, more appeal and more character compared to the basic 911 - these are the clear strengths of the Carrera T. These characteristics alone can be used as justification for investing an additional five-digit sum. On the other hand, you have to be willing to give up some comfort.

Porsche 911 Carrera T - Specifications

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