Import duties: Donald Trump threatens to impose duties on all Chinese imports

The US president is ready to go on the whole in the trade dispute with China: In an interview, he threatened the People's Republic to impose duties on all imports.

Import duties: Donald Trump threatens to impose duties on all Chinese imports

U.S. President Donald Trump is ready for furr steps in trade dispute with China, according to his own account. He threatened with customs duties on all goods imported to USA from People's Republic: "I am ready to go to 500," said Trump in an interview with US channel CNBC. In this way, he was referring to 505.5 billion dollars on which imports from China to USA summed up last year.

"I'm not doing this for politics," Trump said. "I do this to do right thing for our country." The US was "a long time from China ripped off". Chinese officials would have told him that no one from previous US governments had complained about trade deficit until he came. They would have said, "Now you're doing more than just complaining. We don't like what you do. "

He "didn't want to scare you, I'd like you to be okay, I really like President Xi, but that ( trade) was very unfair," Trump continued.

Trump has repeatedly established its customs policy with enormous US trade deficit with China. He sees it as an expression of an unfair trade relationship. Already in June, US president China had threatened to impose tariffs on goods worth up to 400 billion dollars. At beginning of July, US tariffs on Chinese imports of 34 billion dollars came into force, a few days later, Trump's government announced additional duties on goods worth 200 billion dollars from September.

US companies in concern

China criticized that United States would destroy mutual trade with ever-new customs duties. But not only People's Republic complains about US government's trade policy. Trump has also upset US allies, such as EU countries with levies on steel and aluminum. Many trading partners reacted with countermeasures. According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), consequences are already noticeable worldwide.

According to a survey by US central bank fed, companies in US fear negative effects of Donald Trump's trade policy in ir own country: even now y would register higher prices, also re are delivery difficulties. Thus, protectionist policies have looked at many with concern.

Date Of Update: 21 July 2018, 12:02

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