In the direction of fun and sport: Skoda Fabia "Monte Carlo" with rally genes

The Skoda Fabia is one of the most popular small cars in Europe.

In the direction of fun and sport: Skoda Fabia "Monte Carlo" with rally genes

The Skoda Fabia is one of the most popular small cars in Europe. However, he is not a sports cannon. In order to transfer the touch of the successful rally athletes to the Fabia, the VW subsidiary is now bringing back the Monte Carlo sports version, which has been available in previous Fabia models since 2011.

In the World Rally Championship, the bustling Skoda Fabia is always good for a podium finish. Of course, the powerful all-wheel drive sports machine has very little to do with the production car. The civilian Fabia has more of the image of a well-behaved car for small families, but it is also popular with more mature students. Now those interested in sports of all ages can again access the 4.10 meter four-door that appeared in the spring. And get a nominal rally feeling as a logo on the side. "Monte Carlo" is there and also shows a stylized checkered flag. More symbols are not possible.

The famous "Monte", after all one of the most well-known rallies in the world, is the preferred terrain of the flawless power version of the Fabia, which is often at the top of the world championship podium in this rapid type of stick-and-stone locomotion. It's clear that the bridge to high-performance sport should now be built with street cars for normal people. However, this is only partially due to the muscles under the short hood, since the 150 hp four-cylinder engine already powers other Fabia versions.

It depends on the special design. The black finish on the sills, radiator grille, exterior mirror housings, the 16-inch aluminum wheels or the so-called rear diffuser impart a sinister sporting spirit. In front, this Fabia blinks from LED headlights. The color of the roof also makes the difference, because here the paint finishes that can be ordered are always combined with black. The interior offers sports seats, a leather steering wheel in a sports design and pedals with a stainless steel look. The basic tone of the innards is of course also pitch black again, but is prettied up with bright red decorative strips on the instrument panel, above the side door shelves or on the center console. LED ambient lighting creates the right mood even in cloudy weather and at night.

It gets even better outside of cities and towns. Sport mode comes into play on the first drive around the factory in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. Now the dual-clutch transmission turns its seven gears higher, the sound swells but never gets tinny despite the three-cylinder modesty. The Fabia does justice to its looks, changing the bread-and-butter determination in the direction of fun and sport.

Amazing what such small cars can do today. Convincing brakes, directional stability in curves of all kinds and the dowry to the driver to let out the proverbial bristles that have to stay in the stable in everyday life. Later in Eco or Normal mode, the Fabia transforms back into an everyday car, can pack a lot in relation to its external dimensions and saves a long search when looking for a parking space. In addition, the Monte Carlo is properly equipped and can be upgraded with various packages, for example assistance systems. Which then, however, drives its basic price of 26,400 euros further up.

Back on the factory premises, half an hour's drive from Prague, there is still an official appointment for the "Monte Carlo". He is the godfather of his big brother, the new Fabia RS Rally2, which should score professional points next season. This bolide, however, has a two-liter turbo engine, 289 hp, a torque of 430 Newton meters and all-wheel drive. If you want to buy it, you should blow up the famous casino in Monte Carlo first. The super sports car costs around 190,000 euros.

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