Internet usage: 90 percent of Germans are online

According to the Federal Statistical Office, most of the people in Germany use the Internet. The smartphone is by far the most important device.

Internet usage: 90 percent of Germans are online

In Germany, 90 percent of people over ten years of age use Internet. A total of 66.5 million citizens were online, Federal Statistical office shared with m. Compared to previous year, figure thus rose by three percentage points.

According to federal office in first quarter of this year, 85 percent of people connected to Internet also went mobile online, i.e. outside ir home or work place. Thus, smartphone is most popular device for internet use, 87 percent access it.

According to federal office, 65 percent are connected via ir laptop, 62 percent via desktop PC and 46 percent used tablets. A total of 16 percent used internet access for or devices, such as media players, e-book readers and smart watches.

Updated Date: 06 September 2018, 12:00

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