It’s not the success of his first equity fund that drives the startup investor to launch “an even sharper product”. Thelen’s first attempt so far has been a huge flop. He has therefore received a lot of criticism on social media. But there are also positive voices.

Apparently, the failure of his equity fund “10xDNA – Disruptive Technologies” does not scare startup investor Frank Thelen. He is launching not just one, but two new tech funds. 10xDNA was a huge flop. Its value has more than halved in the past year and a half, most recently it was still 45 percent in the red. Nevertheless, the tech fan expressed optimism in a video on Twitter. His new project: He now wants to collect smaller second-tier companies.

However, he only convinces those interested in the stock market to a limited extent. “Real satire” or: “For everyone for whom penny stocks are too low-risk,” users comment cynically on the announcement. Another says: “Absolute clown show”. “Do you seriously think that performance will improve if you launch more and more funds?” provoked another.

Thelen’s first fund, which focuses on big ships and mega trends such as blockchain, 3D printing or artificial intelligence, was launched in September 2021 to great public attention. He got sucked into the general tech crash and suffered heavy losses. Thelen received a lot of criticism for his full-bodied promise to triple the value of the fund in four to eight years. He is even further away from that today than he was then.

The convinced tech investor has not lost his faith. In his video, he emphasizes that he is fascinated by how technology develops and what opportunities there are. “Many have asked us if we can’t offer a more pointed product,” Thelen recently told the “Wirtschaftswoche”. “We’ve done that now.”

His “sharper” stock fund Small

As a rule, large funds do not invest in such stocks, and Thelen says he wants to close this gap with his funds. Because there are few studies on these stocks, he has also put together a team of analysts.

Thelen sees itself as a long-term investor. His consistent, if not very successful, strategy has been well received by readers on Twitter. A Twitter user wrote: “It’s fair to say, at least, that the timing is probably better now than that