Ireland resists Denmark (0-0)

Denmark did not pass the draw at home against Ireland (0-0) in a poor performance, in a game without ...

Ireland resists Denmark (0-0)
Denmark did not pass the draw at home against Ireland (0-0) in a deficient performance, in a dull match in which visitors They achieved the result they wanted and which leaves the knockout open for the return in Dublin. The party did not deviate from the planned script: Ireland drew back and devoted itself to waiting in its field, closing spaces, defending the 0-0 as a treasure, waiting for what Denmark did, which hogged the possession of the ball. Hareide repeated the attack which had thrasheded Poland in the classification, with Cornelius as a false end, to assert its physical superiority, but it did not work the plan. The Irish did not bridged, and they also knew how to disconnect Eriksen, the Danish brain, apart from his top scorer in the league. But he was left with direct play and lacked patience to break a team of talent, but disciplined and honor. Still, Denmark had three very clear occasions in the first part. The first, was born of a great change of game of KJR, which left only Stryger Larsen, which made to show Randolph, fast to respond then to the rejection of Cornelius. From a mistake of Captain Clark's bulk in the exit was born another good opportunity. Eriksen picked up the gift and pulled out a centered whiplash that the porter pulled out in distress. The ball ended at the foot of Sisto, who wanted to adjust both the shot that sent him out. The casualties of the punished Meyler and the injured McCarthy seemed to open the way in the initial eleven to Whelan, but O'Neill surprised by placing O'Dowda, headline in a single match in the league. He didn't do much more than defend himself and waste time on faults and corners Ireland. Before the break, a snatch of Christie left in evidence Stryger Larsen-right-handed turned into left side-, but Schmeichel saved the one against one and Kvist, the reject of Hendrick. It was his only chance. The panorama did not improve for Denmark in the second half. To the difficulties to break the rival defense were added the errors provoked by the haste and the lack of ideas. Just Eriksen and Sisto were looking to create some game, but without much fortune. The party was getting worse and Ireland was comfortable, but without giving too many joys in attack. It didn't even work for the recourse to Bendtner, his most reliable scorer in the last decade. The Dinamar was an exercise of impotence, and left only countless centers missed, pass nowhere and a header of Poulsen diverted by Randolph as the only occasion: a balance poor that left ice cream to Parken. kod bonusowy Lvbet

Date Of Update: 06 December 2017, 00:29

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