Language research: Don't interrupt me!

Someone is constantly falling in the word. What are the consequences? And how can you defend yourself? This is explained by the language researchers in the time-knowledge podcast.

Language research: Don't interrupt me!
Podcast: How do you know that? /Language Research: Don't interrupt me!

Weitere Themen: Im November wird das Urkilogramm als Mutter aller Massen abgeschafft. Was bedeutet das f\u00fcr den Einkauf an der K\u00e4seke? Und: eine Faustregel f\u00fcr die Gew\u00e4sserqualit\u00e4t von Badeseen.

", "title": "Unterbrich mich nicht!", "url": "//", "media": {"opus": "", "mp3": "", "aac": "", "vorbis": ""}, "coverUrl": ",ssypAGuVrToMqcLoDQMaaD5YIsthw8KO6ma67xSh8W8o=/", "number": 61, "chaptermarks": [], "duration": 1254, "transcript": null, "embedCode": ""}, "options": {"meCss": null, "me": "zon-minimal", "startPanel": null, "sslProxy": "", "customStyle": null}}; Subscribe to Podcast All consequences are constantly falling to someone's word. What are consequences? And how can you defend yourself? This is explained by language researchers in time-knowledge podcast. by Hella Kemper and Max Rauner August 5th, 2018, 17:54 UHR2 comments Read about or topics in Time Knowledge magazine 4/18. You can purchase current booklet at kiosk or here.

Those who interrupt ors demonstrate power. Language researchers have listened to everyday situations, such as doctor-patient talks, word battles in court, male-female dialogues. Permanent interruption has an effect on what people keep from talking. What can be done against pushy breaker? This is time-knowledge podcast How do you know that?

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Or topics: In November, kilogram is abolished as a mor of all masses. What does this mean for shopping at cheese counter? And: A rule of thumb for water quality of bathing lakes.

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Date Of Update: 06 August 2018, 12:00

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