LG G7 THINQ: A top smartphone that comes too late

The LG G7 Thinq wants to score with a rich sound and an intelligent super wide angle camera. But it can't keep up with the best Android devices currently available.

LG G7 THINQ: A top smartphone that comes too late
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    A camera with artificial intelligence and a focus on sound: The new smartphone G7 Thinq from LG is to score with high-quality hardware at consumers and compete with current devices of Samsung and Huawei. But are features of second model of Thinq series really enough to convince?

    Compared to previous G6, LG has quite reworked design of G7 Thinq. The new model has far fewer edges than previous one, but overall it seems less conspicuous – but also a little more like devices of competition. With EinerBildschirmgröße of 6.1 inches it is also larger than predecessor. The resolution is 3,120 times 1,440 pixels, screen format is 19.5 to 9. Despite this rar long format, G7 Thinq is well in hand.

    In new LG smartphone, like many or current devices, a so-called notch is built in, in which front camera and sensors are integrated. If you don't like this display indentation, you can hide it in settings. Then left and right areas are displayed in black, so notch is no longer noticeable.

    The back of G7 Thinq is made of glass, surface shimmers lightly. The black test model gets a dark blue glow in light incidence. The frame of smartphone is made of metal, general processing very good. In contrast to G6, LG did not build switch on back of quick-acting fingerprint sensor, but rar on right edge. On left side are volume buttons and New button for start of Google Assistant.

    On back, LG has integrated a dual camera that consists of two 16 megapixel sensors. Like G6, it consists of a lens with a standard wide and a super wide angle lens. At G6, however, resolution of two cameras was 13 megapixels. The initial apertures are also better at G7 Thinq: main lens has f/1.6, Super wide Angle lens f/1.9.

    As with previous model, users can switch to super wide-angle mode by using button, pinch-zoom, or slider. LG has reduced somewhat in new model DenBlickwinkel, so re are fewer edge distortions. This is particularly noticeable with lines and edges. At expense of wide-angle effect, users receive less-recorded images – an acceptable exchange.

    Photos in Darkness a problem

    The G7 Thinq makes very good recordings in daylight. The exposure is correct, automatic white balance fits. The sharpness of detail is good and comparable to that of Galaxy S9, but pictures of LG smartphone have more artifacts already in light daylight. Compared to P20 pro from Huawei in ten megapixel mode, sharpness of detail in G7 Thinq is better at a strong magnification, but 40 megapixel mode does not come with LGs new smartphone.

    In very dark environments, however, sharpness will be severe. Both Galaxy S9 and P20 Pro in ten megapixel mode deliver far better results – even when illuminating dark areas. The G7 Thinq has new "Superhell-mode", which brightens recordings in Schummrigem light. But even if illumination is better, Bildqualitätmerklich decreases.

    Date Of Update: 01 June 2018, 12:02

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