Lusatia: Without coal in Cottbus

In the largest city in the Lusatia, the city's factories want to get out of the lignite and build a gas power station until 2022. So is the coal exit much earlier?

Lusatia: Without coal in Cottbus
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    The coal phase-out was decided in Cottbus. " Brown coal is politically and morally worn out, "says Vlatko Kane, managing director of Cottbus City works. That is why lignite power plant spätestens2022 be replaced by a new gas power station. "We start with plans now," says Kane. "My goal is to take NeueKraftwerk clearly before 2022 on net."

    Coal exit in Cottbus? Wolfgang Rupieper, head of association Pro Lusatian Lignite, Sprichtvon a "disservice" for Lausitz: "This is water on mills DerBerliner ideologues, who enforce a fast coal exit against any energy and industrial political reason Want. "

    Thus, Rupieper means federal government eingesetzteKohlekommission, which is officially called "growth, structural change employment objective" commission. By end of year it will find a roadmap for coal exit in Germany. The Cottbus investment decision was "a disaster for DieLausitz and wrong signal at worst time to Berlin", KritisiertRupieper.

    SPD attacks CDU Lord Mayor

    Not only reaction that sharply attacks Cottbus coal exit. Employees of Municipal utilities report threats, hate mail and unsightly calls. The SPD has taken up CottbuserCDU Lord Mayor, who is arguing with provincial government and in Berlin about Dielängstmögliche lignite use, "but by acting in his own action before Ortvoreilig contrary decisions". Reinhard Drogla (SPD), chairman of Cottbus Municipal assembly, says: "Solcheine investment decision is not just a decision of city's works. We would have liked a social discourse on Cottbus heat and electricity supply of future. "

    "I understand that," says Stadtwerke-chief Kane, "We are a lignite area." In fact, Cottbus is surrounded by coal industry. Cottbus Nord is called Open pit in norast, Welzow in south, in souast mining area is to be open. Jänschwalde, GrößteKraftwerk of Lusatia is within sight, many of 100,000 cottbusers are employed in coal or a follow-up operation. But what if re is always wenigerAbnehmer for lignite? The Cottbus power plant fires implemented 200,000 tonnes of lignite a year.

    Vlatko Kane, head of Stadtwerke Cottbus © Nick Reimer

    "My task is to avert damage from city, municipal works of Undseinen employees," says Kane. There are fine dust loads for auditing. The municipal works chief can see power plant from his office Fensteraus, it stands in middle of city. "The fine dust problem is solved on day we switch from coal aufGas." But re are also andereEmissionen like mercury or nitrous oxide. And re's climate problem. "The new power plant saves 30 percent of greenhouse gases," says Kane.

    But it is not just environmental aspects that led to NeuenPlanung. "50 percent of our investment decision is purely economic in nature," says Kane. With current lignite power plant you can earn more and more difficult money. Although it AnsNetz only 18 years ago, city decreed just Knezevics plans – usually power plants 40 years to amortize investment costs. Now more than 100 million euros will be invested. " Brown coal is a major burden for Cottbus City works, natural gas istzukunftsfähiger, "says Knesevic.

    Date Of Update: 22 July 2018, 12:02

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