Major Causes Of Traffic accidents In The USA Today

There are many car accidents every single day in the USA

Major Causes Of Traffic accidents In The USA Today
There are many car accidents every single day in the USA. Although there are reasons for these traffic accidents, many of them can be prevented. Fact is, there are 10 vehicle accident related deaths every day in the state of California every day. In order to prevent these car accidents from happening, you should first know what the major causes of them are to begin with. 

Distracted Driving

When you are distracted and not paying enough attention to the road, an accident is just waiting to happen to you. Being distracted while driving is very dangerous. You need to be watching the road and the other drivers every moment you are on the road, and watching nothing else. You shouldn't be doing anything else either while driving. Just drive and pay attention to the road while driving and an accident won't happen because of being distracted. 


Speeding is another great way to cause an accident. There are speed limits posted along the road for a reason and you should be obeying them at all times. Just because the other drivers are speeding, doesn't mean you need to be doing the same thing. Watch for stop signs, red lights, and speed limit signs and obey the driving rules while driving and you will prevent an accident from happening for this reason. 

Drunk Driving

You should never, ever, get behind the wheel of any car after you have had a few drinks or while you are drinking. This is a major reason for traffic accidents and if you aren't careful, you could either hurt someone else, yourself, or get pulled over by a police officer. Once you are pulled over and they realize you have been drinking, you could get arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. If this does happen to you, you will need to services of Davis, Saperstein, and Salomon, PC, to help you in court. These attorneys can help you in case you have been in a traffic accident for any reason besides getting a DUI or a DWI. 

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving and distracted driving. If you think you won't be in an accident because you are trying to race other cars on the road or because you are playing while driving such as going on and off the road, think again. Doing this can cause an accident for you just as much as anything else can, maybe even worse. 


The weather can cause traffic accidents. If you are not good at driving in the snow or the rain, don't drive unless you really have to. You can always leave and get home before the rain or snow starts or at least before the roads get too bad. Or, you can have a more experienced driver take you to where you need to do. Either way, try not to get behind the wheel of your car or anyone else's car if the roads are getting bad from the weather. 

Date Of Update: 30 November 2018, 09:55

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