Market value: Apple is worth a trillion dollars

As the first private company, Apple has reached a market value of one trillion US dollars. The group is as valuable as the 15 largest DAX companies together.

Market value: Apple is worth a trillion dollars

The US technology group Apple is first private company in world to be rated on stock market with more than one trillion dollars (860 billion euros). Its shares rose on New York's Wall Street in course of day by around 2.7 percent to 207.05 dollars. At 207.04 dollars, threshold of one trillion was reached. A little later, however, stock gave up a little.

2007, Chinese-owned PetroChina had already temporarily reached a trillion dollar value; However, PetroChina is a state corporation. Its market value soon went down again after start of market.

This year alone, Apple share has already increased by 22 percent; Now, Apple has such a high market value as 15 largest DAX companies toger. SAP comes to about 122 billion euros and Siemens to around 100 billion.

Overall, Apple has been able to increase its market value by more than 50,000 percent since its stock market debut of 1980. One reason for last price increase at Apple is latest quarterly balance with good numbers. In September, market launch of new iphones is expected, which also boosted investors ' hopes for furr growth. The company announced higher prices for its smartphones. At his latest WWDC developer conference in June, Apple also introduced new iOS 12, an update for second large OS called Mojave and apps to contain Smartphonesucht.

Apple's current business success is mainly due to stable sales figures of iphones, which bring more than half of proceeds. Sales are stagnating, and Apple is only third-largest smartphone manufacturer in world after Samsung and Huawei; For this, iphones are comparatively expensive. Apple also generates revenue from app sales, music service Apple Music, and cloud business. Apple has been trying for a long time to reduce its dependence on iphones. In future, group intends to focus more on video content and to bring payment service Apple Pay to Germany later this year.

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and or fighters in a garage in USA. They distributed computers and developed ir own operating system. The company grew, but soon reafter Microsoft's Windows Apple operating system repressed market. 1997 escaped bankruptcy – at that time one would have received an apple share for a dollar. Steve Jobs even asked Microsoft for help, which gave him 150 million dollars to pay at least his bills. For a few years, jobs n rose from board, after his return, company developed ipod, iphone and ipad. 2011 handed over Apple lead for health reasons to Tim Cook, who continues to run Apple successfully despite initial skepticism. The Apple founder died in October 2011.

Date Of Update: 03 August 2018, 12:00

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