Melania TRUMP: Melanialogie

First her hat speaks, then her shoes talk and suddenly her jacket is chatting: because Melania Trump herself is silent, a grotesque pacify unloads at her.

Melania TRUMP: Melanialogie
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    After Melania Trump recently wanted to visit a shelter for underage refugees and when she got on plane, was seen in a parka (Zara), on back of which "I really don't care. Do u? ", whole world speculated on what Melania Trump would probably say, whereby main interpretation approaches could be summed up as follows:

    1. Melania Trump is an ice-cold person and wants to say with her parka that you don't care about children who have fled. 2. The hidden message means your husband's brutal border policy. 3. The hidden message means your husband. 4. Melania Trump is intellectually so limited that it is not clear that her I-don't-care jacket could be found strangely in connection with her visit and would trigger a scandal (Jacketgate). 5. According to Reading by Donald Trump published on Twitter, it was a statement against so-called fake news media, which also Melania was now no longer willing to believe. 6. Melania Trump is actually a feminist punk and has done it. 7. By statement "I really don't care. Do u? "Melania Trump wants to make it clear that she really doesn't care how her clos are interpreted.

    The last point would be comprehensible in terms of content. In fact, Melania Trump's clothing choice is regularly subject of intensive reporting and interpretation attempts. For example, she wore high heels in disaster area, which suggested her interpreters to conclude that she was an impossible, undrawn person. Anor time, when she met Macron, she had a white hat that was so great that question of what Melania Trump "us" would probably say. That is way to reckon as a woman of American president, just as a woman who is in public eye has to reckon with fact that clos you wear are valued, what has to do with sexism, but also with practicality That men wear work uniforms (suits) at work and women have far more choice (which also has something to do with sexism).

    You don't hear much of her

    Moreover, it is important that Melania Trump does not speak much publicly. Regarding her husband's idea of becoming president, she was initially not so right on fire. She announced that she would support him "one hundred percent", but she also said that she wanted to take care of her son in particular, because "I chose not to go into politics".

    In short: Melania Trump is rar silent, but seems to like clos very much. The interpretation of choice of clos, especially of women, is very productive, as shown at beginning, and since Melania Trump orwise does not hear very much, her clos have become communication medium chosen by public to understand Melania Trump.

    This connection, however, does not yet explain apparently extremely pronounced will of public to solve Melania-Trump puzzle. "Who is real Melania? Is she trapped? A reluctant first lady? Or is she (...) A quiet, supportive lady? ", for example, New York Times wondered in a video of atmospheric piano music on subject of" Who is Melania Trump? ".

    Since no one seems to know correctly, since Donald Trump's policy is sometimes very scary and in politicians women have always been given hope of acting mildly on ir politicians, but re is little material about Melania Trump (and its influence On her husband), her garments are read as confirmation of her husband's policy or as signs of a resistance fighter, which is divided by dress-wise or not taking Trump's hands during public appointments. She is seen as a trumps prisoner, who fears her husband because at time of his inauguration she looked "miserable" a few times (since n re is hashtag Freemelania), or even as his cold, stupid, newly-rich Eastern bloc friend, who only because of money Married.

    The spectrum of aforementioned Melania-explanatory models, refore, appears in all its breadth, whenever Melania Trump has looked or dressed in any way, and great thing is that all explanatory models work, even if contrary opinions or political attitudes. The Melania-Deutungswut is also due to fact that it is married to currently most unpredictable and perhaps most dangerous public person, namely with American President. And, of course, people want to know how this is, how to do it, wher it was worthwhile for money or simply how to be so crazy to be with this man.

    Date Of Update: 26 June 2018, 12:02

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