MeToo: Disney's creative director for animation kicks back

John Lasseter should have harassed employees. He leaves Disney at the end of the year. Lasseter founded Pixar and is known for movies like 34; Toy Story 34;.

MeToo: Disney's creative director for animation kicks back

Walt Disney's animation director and co-founder of film studio Pixar, John Lasseter, will leave company at end of year for harassment charges. That's what Disney announced on Friday in an opinion. Lasseter is a director of films such as Toy Story, great crawling and Toy Story 2, with which he revolutionized animation industry.

The allegations against Lasseter were made public in November 2017 in course of MeToo debate. In a media report, members of animation industry and employees of Pixar were anonymous and said that 61-year-old would "grab, kiss and physical attributes" in workplace. Previously, he had been known to embrace employees for a long time. At that time, Lasseter had "missteps" and "painful" conversations, and apologized to all prayers that would have ever experienced an "unwanted hug" or or gesture from him. He had also taken a six-month timeout. At end of this timeout, he has now announced that he will leave company completely by end of year. He will take an advisory role until n, but no office in company.

"He reinvented cartoon business"

"The past six months have given me opportunity to reflect on my life, my career and my personal priorities," Lasseter said in an opinion. "While I'm still committed to art of animation and inspired by creative talent at Pixar and Disney, I've decided that by end of year, time is right for me to focus on new creative challenges." He did not comment on harassment accusations in opinion. Disney's chief Bobr said Lasseter had done "extraordinary work" for Pixar and Disney. He re-invented cartoon business.

Lasseter is one of most important people in animation film. He was founder of Pixar animation studio and worked as a managing producer for all of company's films. The film Toy Story, in which Lasseter directed, was defining feature of industry. Toy Story was first feature film made entirely on computer. The film won three Oscars. Pixar is also known for films such as Finding Nemo and Queen of King. 2006 bought Disney Pixar and Lasseter has since n led both Pixar and Disney's animation department as creative chef.

Anor resignation in course of MeToo debate

Lasseters resignation is anor that was triggered by MeToo debate. For months, more and more harassment charges have been raised against influential men in US entertainment industry. The debate was triggered by accusations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, who is supposed to have sexually harassed and stalked actresses. He had been asked by New York police at end of May and was accused of rape and sexual abuse. Against actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Louis C.K. and many ors were also accused of harassment. In Germany, in course of debate, accusations against director Dieter Wedel were public.

Date Of Update: 09 June 2018, 12:02

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