Ministry of Transport: did the federal government not pay false bills?

The Ministry of Transport defends itself against research, according to which the toll collect truck operator charged unauthorised expenses. His statements are misleading.

Ministry of Transport: did the federal government not pay false bills?

Gerhard Schulz, Secretary of State for Ministry of Transport, has responded to report of time, time online and Ard panorama about millions of serious false accounts of toll collect at federal government via Twitter: "Controversial expenditure in field of marketing, toll collect has been examined, rejected and not paid. "

According to documents, time, time online and ARD panorama are available, this statement is misleading. In fact, federal government refused to recognise false toll-collect accounts. From this and from differences due to non-performance of toll collect, a dispute arose between federal government and toll collect, which was held in front of an arbitration court. The procedure ended with a comparison in which Confederation renounced much of its claims. As a result, wrong accounts were paid to a substantial extent by Confederation.

Clarification 2 on reports about toll collect in @DIEZEIT and @ARD-"panorama"-VorabDr. Gerhard Schulz, Secretary of state in @BMVI: "Controversial expenditure in marketing sector, which toll collect has submitted for settlement, has been examined, rejected and not paid for." PIC.TWITTER.COM/NMPDVHXP2T

— Wolfgang Ainetter (@WAinetter) August 9, 2018

Among or things, this results from an opinion: In context of arbitration, audit firm Mazars, as an independent expert, examined thousands of business transactions, including settlement of a classic car rally, with result that this Be deemed to be "in full amount as non-remuneration-relevant". So Confederation had rightly rejected payment, so claims of toll collect were unjustified. In total, toll collect demanded 5.2 billion euros from confederation, including payments. Conversely, in arbitration proceedings, federal government's billion-dollar claims for toll collect were due to non-performance, mainly due to delayed start of toll, a total of 9.6 billion euros. The procedure ended with a comparison. In end, claims were settled, confederation only received 3.2 billion euros.

In or words, items that were wrongly submitted became negotiating ground in a procedure which was not comprehensible to public. Professor Alexander Eisenstein, owner of Chair for Economic and transport policy at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, says: "If I negotiate something that is definitely not relevant to remuneration, it will end up at expense of taxpayer."

The ARD shows film on truck toll in Panorama show on Thursday evening (9 August) at 21:45 am. The film is n available on

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Updated Date: 10 August 2018, 12:00

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