Name change, unemployment benefits, attrition all that is changed on July 1.

The government extended its price protection until 2022, so there won't be any gas price increases this month.

Name change, unemployment benefits, attrition all that is changed on July 1.

The government extended its price protection until 2022, so there won't be any gas price increases this month. These are the new regulations that will be in effect on Friday, July 1.

Unemployment insurance benefits have been increased by 2.9% Unedic announced that the increase will affect 2.1 million beneficiaries. It explained that this decision took into consideration the "economic context", in particular inflation.

According to "Les Echos", a bill on purchasing power was announced by the government. It provides for a retroactive 4% revaluation to social benefits that are indexed to inflation. These include the RSA and the retirement pensions. Upgrades include the ASPA (solidarity allowance for the elderly), minimum old age, the ASI (supplementary disability allowance), widowhood allowance (AV), and the ASS (specific solidarity allowance) for people who are unemployed at the end their rights.

Bruno Le, Minister of Economy, announced that the APLs will be reassessed at 3.5% to "protect those with the greatest difficulties" and "pass this course in inflation". Mayor, broadcast on BFMTV June 27.

It is easier to change your last name. An adult can now take the name of either his mother or father, if he does not have them already, by simply declaring to the civil status.

The presentation of the bill regarding the choice of the surname resulting from filiation revealed that more than 4,000 people requested to change their names for different reasons in 2020.

The installation of heating and hot water production equipment that runs on fuel oil, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is strictly prohibited beginning Friday. Energy. The financial assistance of up to 11,000 Euro is available to assist with the replacement of devices already installed.

Any new equipment that uses heating networks, electricity or biomass, as well as gas or liquid biofuels (such a biofuel), may be installed in buildings provided they meet a 300 gCO2eq/KWh PCI greenhouse gas emission limit.

It is possible to combine a zero rate eco-loan up to 30,000 euros with aid like MaPrimeRenov starting Friday to finance energy renovation. These works can include insulation or changing the heating mode.

The July 2021 extension of the eco bonus rules is over. Vehicles that emit less carbon dioxide will see their aid reduced by 1,000 euro.

According to the public service website, an individual can receive a maximum of 3,000 euros and a company a maximum of $5,000 for the ecological bonus if they purchase an electric car for less than 45,000 Euros. Purchase aids of 1,000 euros will be given to electric cars that cost between 45,000 and 66,000 euros, and electric vans or hydrogen cars more than 60,000. This device does not affect plug-in hybrids.

Restaurant tickets are limited to 19 euros per day. They can't be used on weekends or public holidays. At the conclusion of 2020's first confinement, the ceiling was increased to 38 euros. Authorization to use this method of payment on weekends and holidays was also granted.

The system was renewed multiple times as the health crisis continued. The last renewal was from February to June 30, 2003. Bercy stated that these measures "have made it possible for restaurants to re-open" and "to accelerate employees' use of tickets they have saved due to their health restrictions". "Today both these causes have ended" and "the stock has run out" since tickets from 2021 could have been replaced by tickets that are valid for 2022.

According to the "Parisien", from Friday, the usury rate (maximum bank loan rate) will rise from 0.15 to 0.20 points. It will fall from 2.43% down to 2.60% for mortgages that have a term of 10 years or less, and from 2.50% to 2.57% if it has a 20-year duration or more.

The daily is informed by the Banque de France that the maximum rate legislation was created to prevent excessive borrowing rates and protect borrowers. This will allow households to remain homeowners even if inflation is not an issue.

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