Network coverage: The mobile network remains patchy

Network operators and Infrastructure Minister Andreas Scheuer are securing a better network coverage by 2020. Predecessor Alexander Dobrindt had promised this to 2018.

Network coverage: The mobile network remains patchy

In Germany, about half a million households are to be connected to 4g mobile network over next two years. "We still have something on existing agreement," said federal minister of Communications Andreas Scheuer (CSU) after a meeting with three mobile operators Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica Deutschland. This was also coordinated with representatives of municipalities and countries.

It is agreed that re will be up to 2021 100 new 4g sites at previously unsupplyed transport hubs and 1,000 new 4g locations in "white spots", said Scheuer. In addition, 10,000 new upgraded 4g sites were planned.

So far, providers have been obliged to cover 98 percent of households. This condition was imposed on m in auctioning of mobile broadband frequencies in year 2015. According to ir own data, y have also reached se requirements. Now coverage at end of 2020 is supposed to be 99 percent nationwide. And: Even within a federal state, 99 percent is to be reached. The 100 will still not be reached, last missing percent is considered to be very expensive, as se are remote areas with only a few customers.

Just a letter of intent

Scouring cannot force network operators to advance expansion. That is what parties said, and agreements were a declaration of intent. The implementation is also dependent on conditions that network providers would have to meet for upcoming frequency allocation of new, significantly faster mobile radio standard 5g. These modalities are defined by policy and have not yet been determined.

Positive 5g auction conditions are not a hard prerequisite for furr planned mobile phone expansion, it was said by Vodafone. But such framework conditions would help to promote expansion.

The implementation also depends on question of so-called national roaming, said head of Deutsche Telekom Tim Höttges. For example, in country, a smartphone can dial in to network of anor operator in case of poor reception, which n invoicing use of actual provider. "A national roaming would lead to significantly less investment in Germany," said Höttges.

The Confederation has made promises to sellers in future auction of new 5g licenses. They should refore only be paid after allocation. Scheuer spoke of a billion euros, with which companies are thus relieved.

Bad Network and high prices

The FDP criticized result of meeting in Berlin: "The Mobile Radio summit is a prime example of visionless digital policy of grand coalition," said vice-Chairman of FDP Bundestag group in Bundestag, Frank sitter. "Great announcements, vague results, no solutions."

Barn's predecessor Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) had already announced closure of radio holes for this year, said sitter. "Mr. Scheuer has now moved her to end of legislature."

The Greens also criticized meeting. Even before start of summit, Bundestag group vice-president Oliver Krischer said to Saarbrücken Zeitung: "The network operators may promise a better coverage of network and Minister Scheuer will be very grateful", but summit will "not tackle" problems. The network expansion does not keep pace with increasing volume of data, said Krischer. "We have highest mobile phone prices in international comparison, but at same time worst network."

Consumers paid billions of dollars in licence auctions over high rates of mobile phone prices. "This is not a goal, so one must go away from this policy," he demanded.

The green politician proposed to proceed with forthcoming allocation of 5g licences as in Scandinavia. The licences would be awarded without large revenues, "but n network operators also made clear and verifiable specifications including possible penalties". Among or things, many existing radio holes could be closed.

Date Of Update: 13 July 2018, 12:02

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