Neurodermatitis: Parents are the best therapists

When a child has eczema, the whole family suffers. But what causes the grisly itching and sore skin spots? And how can you help children and parents?

Neurodermatitis: Parents are the best therapists
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    Face and thighs are swollen, fire red and littered with oozing spots. Which are often dry and cracked later on. The most agonizing is not seen: itching. The child scratches skin sore and bloody and does not stop screaming. For parents, n sleep is not to think, worries are great. According to a survey by health insurance company DAK, Neurodermatitis is most dreaded diagnosis among parents. More than one in four is afraid that ir own children will fall ill.

    Not quite wrongly: in Germany, 14.3 percent of 0 to 17 year olds are affected by neurodermatitis. In half of cases, disease occurs in first half year after birth. Although Neurodermatitis is about every second child up to school age, but ors it remains a lifetime. But where does skin suffer and what helps against itching?

    To explain how neurodermatitis arises, researchers use a little consoling word: multifactorial. In this case, this means a mixture of genetic predisposition, an overshooting reaction of immune system and environmental influences, such as growing up in city. Recently, main focus of research is on skin barrier (The Lancet: Walker Novak, 2016), protective wall that forms top cells of skin layer. If skin barrier is leaking, microscopic allergens can penetrate organism. These are absorbed by defensive cells that patrol upper layers of skin. Then a Enzündungskaskade begins, at end of which nerve fibres sprout into skin and messenger substance is distributed histamine. Both ensure that skin starts to itch. The fatal: Those who scratch now weaken barrier additionally and set a vicious circle in motion.

    The microbes healthier are supposed to restore flora of skin

    This also benefits bacteria that would have little chance of survival in a healthy skin barrier – such as Staphylococcus aureus. This germ releases toxins into skin and helps to make inflammation worsen furr. Anyway, interaction of bacteria that populate skin seems to play a key role in Neurodermatitis. This skin micro Biom is different between healthy and neurodermatitis patients. The latter are teeming with less protective microbes (allergy, Asthma Immunology research: Kim et al.; 2018). Researchers have recently tried to correct this miscolonization. They want to transplant good bacteria of a healthy to weakened skin of a Neurodermitikers. In a recently published study, doctors treated ten neurodermatitis patients and five children with bacterium Roseomonas mucosa, which y had collected on skin of healthy (JCI Insight: Myles et al.: 2018). Twice a week, subjects sprayed a bacterial solution on diseased skin spots. In fact, y showed a significant improvement in neurodermatitis after six weeks. Now larger studies have to confirm effectiveness of method. Disinfectants and chlorine baths, as previously recommended, should be dispensed with in case of Neurodermatitis, because this also causes beneficial germs to die.

    Anor aspect of Neurodermatitis is also getting more and more attention: psyche. Psychoimmunologen Explore KomplexeZusammenspiel of soul and body defense. "Mental stress beeinflussendas immune system. In stress phases, Neurodermatitis becomes worse at VielenPatienten, "says Angelika Buske-Cherry, Professor FürBiopsychologie at TU Dresden. One possible reason: Neurodermatitis patients pour less cortisol in case of stress than healthy patients ( Journal of Clinical Endocrinology metabolism: Buske-cherry Tree et al., 2002). Cortisol is a hormone that inhibits immune response. If re is not enough, immune system is overactive. Cortisoncremes should partially compensate for this in neurodermatitis patients. The drug is refore still zurStandardrapie in Neurodermatitis.

    Date Of Update: 13 June 2018, 12:02

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