New Oscarkategorie: Best money earner

Perhaps the Oscars are just the world's biggest PR event in the film industry. With the introduction of a new category, the Academy is now really risking its reputation.

New Oscarkategorie: Best money earner

In future re will be an extra Oscar for blockbuster. This was announced by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Wednesday. If whole event were itself a film, one could now imagine a dramatic camera swing over edge of Abyss, which opens eye to gruesome gap between wishful thinking and reality, art and commerce.

The work that was voted best film in recent years had problem that although it was considered worth seeing, film often did not want to see one, apart from members of Academy, critics and a few cinephile: Birdman, Moonlight, shape of water. In future, if you honor a blockbuster with redundant designation most popular film and a new Oscar, you have at least one movie in main categories that everyone wants to see. Black Panr could be such a movie, as well as several Star Wars sequels and almost all Marvel productions. Many filmmakers reacted with outrage to announcement, including members of Academy. It is with this rift as with any or: it has been re for a long time, just nobody has put in picture.

The Oscars are awarded each year by more than 8,000 members of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Their aim is to promote, both technically and culturally, of medium of film. Economic aspects are not in ir statutes. The prices were originally intended to draw attention to particularly remarkable works. Hence pompous gala and whole glamour spectacle around it. It worked fine for years. So great that you could market event yourself. The cost of 30 seconds in one of advertising breaks has risen steadily over past decade, 2018 y cost more than $2 million before 26.5 million spectators worldwide. No wonder that sender ABC had recently extended transmission to just under four hours. But ABC has probably exaggerated it. 2018, switch-over rate decreased by 19 percent. The Oscars: too long, too irrelevant for audience.

So award should be shorter, only take three hours. This has now been decided by leadership of Academy itself. Allegedly also at pressure of station, which belongs to Disney group. However, fact that it does not want to focus on art of filming again, but emphasises commercial aspect, can perhaps already be seen from fact that decision was not voted on by all members, but certainly that in future The award of several Oscars in advertising breaks. Later, only one cut is passed. The introduction of new Oscarkategorie can also be explained: The Spectator is above all a consumer.

You don't have to worry about this if you accept that Academy Awards is simply biggest marketing event in film industry. For academy, however, question arises as to wher it furr damages its reputation for debates on OscarsSoWhite and proportion of nominated women. This will also depend on how and according to which criteria planned Oscar for most popular film is to be awarded. This has not been known yet. The simplest solution would probably be if it was academy, like several film festivals or European Movie Award: They also draw most popular film. Which is, audience is voting on it.

However, if job is for members of Academy, for example on basis of sold cinema tickets, new blockbuster Oscar would just be a price to earn most money. A tribute that would not only be pointless, but would also sell audience for stupid.

Updated Date: 10 August 2018, 12:00

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