NFL World Responds to Jerry Jones' Comments About Mike McCarthy

This week, Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys' head coach, made a huge guarantee for Sunday’s divisional match against Washington.

NFL World Responds to Jerry Jones' Comments About Mike McCarthy

"We are going to win this match. McCarthy stated, "I'm confident in this."

It's almost a guarantee. McCarthy should be confident that his team will win. However, it's rare for an NFL head coach to make such a statement.

Jerry Jones seems to be enjoying it.

Jones stated that Jones doesn't get too focused on the guarantee on 103.5 The Fan. Jones spoke via the Dallas Morning News. Jones said that this should be his attitude. He is confident that he will win. He believes we will win. That is what I believe. It would shock me if he could not make this kind of statement. Anyone with common sense will know that it is impossible to predict if you are going to. Only God knows this. That being said, I can tell you that he is ready and raring to go. He has been well-written and it shows in his demeanor and how he expresses his emotions.

Jones said that Cowboys must be confident.

Jones stated, "We, the Cowboys as a franchise, put it out there." We know that we do. We ask people to look at us and be interested in what we do. We know that a lot of people look at us to see if they can lose. That's sport. This is what creates the excitement. It's why I'm involved and it keeps me engaged. So, yes, I enjoy all of the additional color that adds to the game's interest. You don't need to color this game. It has everything going in its favor. There is a lot at stake. It's the right place at the right moment. We are in the fourth quarter of the year. Football is at its absolute peak and we are fighting for the marbles here. We need to win this game.

Jones' confidence is appreciated by NFL fans as well. Some are skeptical, however, that this was the right decision.

This should be the attitude. But the greats don't usually broadcast it. They kick their arse and let the rest of the story speak for themselves. One fan tweeted, "Despite their 4 game win streak, I still expect the Cowboys beat Washington."

Another fan said, "Think it and say it to players in locker room - but don't tell the world lol."

After all, you play to win.

"A great man once said, "You play to win the game!" One Twitter user added, "You play to win the game!"

At 1 p.m. Eastern Time, Washington and Dallas will kick off. FOX will broadcast the game.

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