Nicki Minaj: Some sweet slaps?

Nicki Minaj is the female actress of Kanye West. On her new album 34; Queen 34; the rapper shakes the clichés of the eternally aufgeplusterten Jungsmusik.

Nicki Minaj: Some sweet slaps?
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    Nicki Minaj has finished album, which almost ended Kanye West's career. At conclusion of controversy ye, on which West presented itself only two and a half months ago as unteachable in almost all situations, a bored voicemail message from Minaj is heard. Superficially, this is about child-stuff. The rapper from Queens agrees with rapper from Chicago on educational issues. But in fact it's about most serious thing at all: pecking order in hip-hop world.

    Even today, when you think back to guest appearance, Minaj on West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in year 2010 breakthrough. All that artist makes is included in her contribution to song monster: A fearless handling of different roles and associated accents, an infallible feeling for timing and emphasis, a penchant for impertinences and kinky points. West should have heard lines and n considered not to use m. He immediately understood that y would be overshining him and his new album. But he also understood that one should not have Minaj to enemy.

    The lines remained in it, a star was born. West and Minaj are now regarded as most important rapper and most important rapper of past ten years. However, ir success and influence are measured according to different criteria. West is more felt than a securitized World Heritage Site: Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan and Pablo Picasso in self-declared personal union. The King's discipline of his work is still album. He needs it as a canvas for realisation of his great artist fantasies, but operates largely independently of related album sales. When a disk flops, audience just doesn't understand it.

    In doubt for Genius – a trust bonus that West has finally exhausted with ye. Lastly, he had to be glad that Minaj still thought of him with some warm voicemail words. The successes of rapper are Waterproofly documented: y maintain an almost tender relationship with chart placements, sales figures and Streamingerlösen, which is reflected in regular, sometimes even finicky Twitter teachings about broken records and Or career highs. Diligence and perseverance have shaped Minaj's career: Already now she has put around 80 songs in US charts, more than any or musician before.

    Nicki Minaj knows no breaks. She has always planned a new video outside, a new guest appearance, an Instagram posting in Entwürfeordner, with which she could paralyze entire Internet. This is due not least to fact that you have never been brought to trust bonus from which West fuelled for a long time. There are no free tickets for female pop stars, as geniuses y are not recognized. Permission to eccentricity and experimentation must always be earned anew. Minaj has understood this and adapted her career accordingly.

    Date Of Update: 16 August 2018, 12:00

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