Obike: Munich wants to dispose of broken bikes itself

In parks, on trees or walkways: wheels of the company Obike disfigure the Munich city centre. Since the company does not care, the city wants to become active itself.

Obike: Munich wants to dispose of broken bikes itself

The city of Munich continues to Obike thousands of bicycles from rental company. Probably at end of year bicycles of economically battered company are to be cleared away. A corresponding disposal order is currently in works and will n be adopted, said municipal cycling commissioned Florian Paul. Probably in December, administration itself could collect and dispose of broken and destroyed wheels in city area.

On Tuesday a time limit of state capital to Obike expired. The company should explain how rental system goes on and wher Obike will remove wheels. "We haven't received any feedback so far," Paul said.

The city estimates number of orange wheels on 3,000 to 6,000. Many Obikes are destroyed in parks, in trees or on sidewalk – even if borrowing by app still does, Paul said. "We can now take care of cleaning up," criticized Munich cycling commissioner. He has little hope that Obike himself will be active. All attempts at contact were last unsuccessful.

Obike admits economic difficulties

Strictly legally, wheels belong to company, which is also obliged to take care of Radschrott. As wheels are refore neir unowned nor urban, city cannot simply clean it up. A similar problem as Munich also has or German cities, such as Frankfurt am Main and Hanover. They, too, complained in July not to be able to reach Obike.

Obike was founded in Singapore last year and offers its bikes in several European cities. Founder Shi Yi had spoken in July in an interview of economic difficulties. The insolvency of Obike Singapore also caused unrest. On shops in or locations but this has no effect, provider had declared in June.

Date Of Update: 13 September 2018, 12:00

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