Peter Altmaier: D He fears of the citizens are not their private matter

We need to bring back the citizens that we no longer reach on the right and left, says Peter Altmaier. In the interview, he explains why politics has become more difficult.

Peter Altmaier:  D He fears of the citizens are not their private matter
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    Rising rents, perhaps only a small pension: despite good economic data, a diffuse sense of injustice is spreading in parts of population. In interview, federal Minister of Finance Peter Altmaier (CDU) explains how government responds to it.

    Online Time: Mr Altmaier, when did you last talk to citizens UndBürger about political and social situation in Germany?

    PeterAltmaier: I've been doing this all time, for almost three decades. This is is an important part of my job.

    Online Time: How do you perceive citizens in se talks? Lot have impression that in Germany it is always ungerechterzu.

    Altmaier: I see this injustice feeling in sharpness, as it esformulieren, not. Of course, re are enough reasons for dassMenschen to be dissatisfied. But overall, this country is wasalright, unemployment is falling, employment is rising, toger wages and pensions. However, what you konstatierenmuss in retrospective: Germany has tackled major structural problems after DerDeutschen unit too late.

    Online Time: What exactly do you mean?

    Altmaier: Take our social systems. Reforms on labour market were necessary but initially auchvergrößert income disparities. Or take subject of pension: For a long time, EineRentenreform was overslept. When DerNachhaltigkeitsfaktor was introduced in year 2004, re were initially no clicks on very low pension increases. Both reforms were aberdringend. The positive result we see now: Thanks to derguten economic situation, pensions and wages rise more alsdie inflation. This certainly also has a positive effect on people's DieZufriedenheit. Some measures take time to work formerly and to reach people in everyday life.

    Peter Altmaier

    Has been Federal Minister of Economy and Energy since March 2018. Previously, he coordinated refugee question in Chancellery. The 60-year-old is a close confidant of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Online Time: Is it really that simple? What do you say to VierköpfigenFamilie who is looking for an affordable apartment in vain?

    Altmaier: I tell her: to alleviate housing shortage in parts of Germany, 's a biggest tasks for this federal government. DieseSituation has been exacerbated by demographic change, VeränderteLebensgewohnheiten, and ErfolgreicheWirtschaftspolitik. That is why we want to increase number of newly built flats in Germany by 50 percent, for example in demwir to boost social housing and Sonderabschreibungenermöglichen. And we'll check allowance.

    Online Time: This will take a long time until it shows effect.

    Altmaier: No. The goal is to improve Situationdeutlich and tangible in next two or three years. We will also increase dasKindergeld by 25 euros per month. That's for Einevierköpfige family after all 50 euros more a month,...

    time Online: ... but y do not solve housing shortage.

    Altmaier: True, but it improves material situation of families. We lead, among many or measures for family UndGeringverdiener, for example also Baukindergeld, which makes esFamilien easier to acquire easier residential property.

    Online Time: But Baukindergeld only helps those for whom EinImmobilienkauf is in question. It will not change at Grundsätzlichknappen living room.

    Altmaier: Anyone who builds does not need a rented apartment. The Baukindergeld also has a sense that families even begin to educate home ownership. Compared to most europäischenLändern, Germany has a fairly low residential property quota.

    Online Time: Same question, or topic: re is a growing number of vonMenschen in Germany who have worked 45 years and are dependent on Endeauf basic security in old age. What do you tell m?

    Altmaier: If you only have a small Rentenanspruchhat after a long working life, we need to help. That is why we want to make Grundsicherungreformieren and a basic pension: those who have paid 35 JahreRentenbeiträge should receive a pension in future Diezehn percent is DerGrundsicherung.

    Date Of Update: 28 August 2018, 12:00

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