Petito's Note: Pay the same attention to all people who are missing

Gabby Petito's family pleaded Tuesday with the media and the public to help find others missing persons. Petito was a 22-year old woman who disappeared while on cross-country travel with her boyfriend.

Petito's Note: Pay the same attention to all people who are missing

Petito's stepparents and parents spoke with reporters at a Bohemia news conference, New York. They showed off new tattoos based upon her designs and mantra "Let It Be" as authorities in Florida continued to search for Brian Laundrie who is a person-of-interest in her disappearance.

Richard Stafford, a lawyer representing Petito's family, reiterated his calls for Laundrie's surrender and criticised his parents for their inability to cooperate in the search that led to Petito’s remains being found. Monday's statement by the Laundries stated that they were not helping Petito escape.

Stafford stated, "The Laundries didn't help us find Gabby and they certainly aren't going to help us locate Brian." "For Brian, please turn yourself in at the FBI or nearest law enforcement agency.

Petito's body was discoveredSept. 18 in a remote part of northwestern Wyoming. A funeral service was held on Sunday at Long Island, where Laundrie & Petito were raised before they moved to Florida. Her family announced that they were starting a foundation to help people search for missing loved ones.

Petito's disappearance has prompted renewed calls for people who are concerned about missing Indigenous women to pay more attention. Some commentators have described the intense coverage as "missing white women syndrome"

Joseph Petito thanked social media and the news media for highlighting his daughter's disappearance. But he stated that all missing persons deserve the same attention.

"I would like to request everyone to assist all those who are missing or in need of help. He said it was on everyone, everybody in this room, to help those in need, and pointed to the reporters and cameras in front. "And if that's not what you do for Gabby, that's a shame.

Laundrie's search is also generating a lot of excitement, with TV personalities such as Duane Chapman (known as Dog the Bounty Hunter) and John Walsh, long-time host of "America's Most Wanted," working together to find him.

Stafford stated that Petito's family would welcome everyone's assistance in finding Laundrie. He encouraged anyone with information to contact the FBI and local police.

After Petito didn't answer her phones for several days, Laundrie and she visited West Parks in the West, her parents reported Petito missing on Sept. 11.

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