Pharmaceutical companies: Merck Co. lowers prices after threats from Donald Trump

The pharmaceutical company follows the example of the competition and requires less money for drugs. Previously, the US president had criticized the industry's pricing policy.

Pharmaceutical companies: Merck  Co. lowers prices after threats from Donald Trump

As before Pfizer and Novartis, US pharmaceutical company Merck Co. has announced that it will refrain from price increases in USA and offer some products even more favorably. In order for Reagiertdas companies to criticize US president Donald Trump for price policy of pharmaceutical companies.

Demnachsoll The hepatitis drug Zepatier be 60 percent cheaper. In or products, Merck Co. wants to reduce prices by ten percent. Moreover, average net price of drugs should not go beyond annual increase in inflation. In past Jahrseien, net prices of US offer even dropped by 1.9 percent.

Already in early May, Trump had announced that some pharmaceutical companies would soon announce "voluntary, massive" price cuts. VergangeneWoche, he attacked pharmaceutical company Pfizer directly. On Twitter, he wrote that company should be ashamed, without any reason to raise price of medicines. Even before company had made a statement, Trump tweeted: "Pfizer is taking back its price increases, sodassamerikanische patients no longer pay." At same time, he hoped that AnderePharmaunternehmen would do same.

Trump responded to price increases that Pfizer had implemented at beginning of July. It was already second time this year that company responded with such a move, this time at around 40 medications. This was also bestseller of company, which is used to remedy erectile dysfunction Viagra.

Trump had already announced during campaign that he would like to act harder against pharmaceutical companies's pricing policy. His health minister, Alex Azar, a former Pharmamanager, recently wrote that prices would fall in one way or anor. It remained open wher and to what extent US government was pursuing plans to intervene in pricing policy of pharmaceutical industry.

The US pharmaceutical companies are Bereitsseit longer in DerKritik. DieFirmens earn above average in US because y have so far had no limits on both drug prices. Overall, US health care system suffers from steigendenVersicherungskosten and is considered to be one of most expensive and ineffizientestenweltweit.

After corporations responded to president's criticism, he tweeted: "A thank you to Novartis, you not to raise price of prescription drugs," president tweeted. He also thanked Pfizer: "We are setting Vieldaran to lower prices for prescription medications, perhaps also substantially," Trump wrote.

Date Of Update: 21 July 2018, 12:02

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