Philosophy: Justice for Leo Strauss!

The philosopher saw in Trump only a vulgar bully. A reply to Thomas Assheuers article 34;D as right am I 34;.

Philosophy: Justice for Leo Strauss!

No, Thomas Assheuer did not claim in article about Donald Trump's intellectual think-tank (time No. 21/18) that Leo Strauss himself was a Straussian, but it was probably contextually suggested – and thus one of most important political philo Sophen bitter wrong. In fact, no thinker is protected from abuse, from fruitful, but above all from infertile misunderstandings. What is true for Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche should also be approved by a peculiar thinker like Leo Strauss. However, it seems to be more than a coincidence that this long time as a cranky, 1899 German Jew born in Hessian Kirchhain, who left Germany before Nazi takeover of Power and 1973, after long years of teaching at Univ Rsität Chicago, died in Annapolis, became spiritual reference point of Jewish neo-conservatives intelligentsia. Among m were often former despite crates or children former despite crates. First, Bush era became focal point of a "Straussian movement", as journalist Seymour Hersh formulated. Her belonged to Richard Perle, William Kristol, Steven Cambone, Douglas Feith, and David and Meyrav Wurmser.

Michael Brumlik

Is senior professor at Selma Stern Center for Jewish Studies in Berlin

Certainly, hopeful Jewish scholar owed a foreign recommendation to National Socialist philosopher Carl Schmitt, but even Walter Benjamin once admired Schmitt in time of Weimar Republic. But that is what Leo Strauss, who taught in Chicago, does not yet have any isolationists or representative of attitude of America first. The debate about Leo Strauss is not new and has already been raging in full focus ten years ago. Eugene R. Sheppard succeeded in his 2007 published book Leo Strauss and Politics of exile, to show that Strauss, as a disappointed Weimar conservative and Cosmopolitan Jew, was faithful to a human rights ethos, national borders behind s I left. It was not by chance that 1956 was also known as German natural law and history. Also published 2007 Carine and Michael Sweetens ir meticulous study truth about Leo Strauss. Political philosophy and American democracy. They interpret Strauss's reference to political ory of classical Greece in such a way that in end he was a sober, perhaps Ernüchterter liberal. As well as a ological philosopher, he was – as Princeton-Leora Batnitzky also showed 2007 – even superior to Emmanuel Lévinas.

What Strauss always did was question of moral responsibility of politics also in context of a liberal constitution. Lastly, Stephan Steiner was able to study Weimar in America in his 2013 published in German. Leo Strauss ' political philosophy proves how intensively Strauss has dealt with relativism of Marburg hermeneutics – not least a reaction to moral catastrophe of Germans associated with name Heidegger and his school Philosophy. Unlike right-wing populist ideologues of a Christian West, Strauss recognized early on that Christianity alone cannot bear and justify a liberal democracy, but that it is a constitutive reference to political philosophy The Greek antiquity, especially Plato and Aristotle, needs – and only for that reason, to be able to criticize and prevent early thinking traditions that go beyond establishment of a regime of unfreeness and tyranny.

This article comes from time No. 22/2018. Here you can read entire output.

Certainly, in traditional sense, Strauss – as Andreas Kellner could show in his 2016 published book Policy in Posthistoire – was a liberal, very own type, a thinker who, in track of Plato and his ory of philosopher Kings, was in a quite "Liberal education" saw formation of a responsible political elite who should always be committed to enforcement of truth and justice – both nationally and internationally. It is hardly imaginable that Leo Strauss would have seen something different in Donald Trump than a vulgar bully, indeed as someone who aspires to a kind of tyranny and who should refore be chased out of office as soon as possible.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2018, 12:48

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