Politics Concern among Ciudadanos deputies over rumors of resignation: "Some of us feel amortized"

Bewilderment, doubts and a growing sense of internal distrust that time cannot eradicate

Politics Concern among Ciudadanos deputies over rumors of resignation: "Some of us feel amortized"

Bewilderment, doubts and a growing sense of internal distrust that time cannot eradicate. "It is difficult to land after the Assembly." The weeks go by and the climate in the ranks of Ciudadanos does not improve, which is preparing for the regional and municipal pre-campaign without having fully closed the wound that has been bleeding for several months, which conditioned the process of refounding the Liberals and which now threatens with overshadowing the strategy of electoral resurgence in which the new leadership works tirelessly.

Pessimism, in fact, has taken over various party organs. This is the case of the parliamentary group, the spearhead of the formation, but also an orange tinderbox since Edmundo Bal received the support of the majority of the deputies that form it and broke with Inés Arrimadas, who is only supported internally by Guillermo Díaz. As ABC revealed on Thursday, several parliamentarians are considering delivering their minutes even before the May elections, considering that the liberal project is exhausted and has no solution. "Some of us feel amortized," a member of the group declares to EL MUNDO after confirming the information, aware that many will not be part of the electoral lists for the general elections at the end of the year.

In this regard, the deputies consulted by this newspaper rule out abandoning their seat "in the short term" and abruptly. But they speak in a personal capacity and do not dare put their hand in the fire for their fellow bench members. Unity and communication in the group -nine components- is conspicuous by its absence for weeks, despite the fact that the leadership established Guillermo Díaz as a link between the leadership and the delegation in the Lower House to improve and guarantee coordination. But the parliamentary group, since the Assembly was held a month ago, has been divided between the Arrimadas-Díaz duo and the rest of the deputies, with the figure of Bal emerging as leader.

Communication within the parliamentary group is almost non-existent

"There are people who are disenchanted, but it is an isolated feeling," says another parliamentarian, who adds that several have already received "some professional offer" outside of politics.

The leadership of Ciudadanos, for its part, denies that any deputy has conveyed its intention to leave Congress between now and the end of the legislature, but admits to "contemplating" all possible organic crisis scenarios, including the breakdown of the parliamentary group before the 28-M. A senior party official, in conversation with this newspaper, even makes it ugly that there are members of the group in Congress who continue to focus on "the internal issue" instead of rowing as a community towards the complex electoral appointments this year. A strategy, ditch, that can end up being counterproductive for the oranges. "You have to look more outside than inside the party," Arrimadas herself stated this week in the halls of Congress, after Pedro Sánchez lamented in plenary session the crisis that the liberals are going through and accused them of having become the "sad echo of the extreme right".

With these wickerwork, Ciudadanos seeks to start the electoral pre-campaign with a firm step and conspire to "turn around" the situation. The party officially presents today, after the regional and local primary process, its 12 regional candidates for May, as well as the candidates for the mayoralties of Madrid and Barcelona. He will do so at an event in the capital where he will unveil his slogan and image for the race to the polls. A strategy that will be focused on seeking the vote of families, youth and the middle classes. Patricia Guasp and Adrián Vázquez will officiate their first major organic act after the Assembly. Since then, the party has barely soared in the national polls. This same Friday, the CIS anchored Ciudadanos at 2% of voting intention.

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