The PSOE tries to shield itself and stop the trickle of names allegedly related to former deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo in the framework of the plot of extortion of businessmen in exchange for awards, rigging of contracts, subsidies and influences. The Socialist Group warns of legal actions against those who “point out” a deputy linking him to the Mediator case.

In the last few hours, various names of socialist parliamentarians have appeared in different media and supports -according to sources consulted by this newspaper, there are already 12 designated, ten deputies and two senators- who allegedly maintained a relationship with Curbelo and would have participated in the dinners that he organized with businessmen.

EL MUNDO has been able to confirm the attendance of two of these people at restaurants and two others did not deny it. For their part, parliamentarians Indalecio Salinas, Andrea Fernández, Javier Alonso Cendón, and Olivia Delgado (deputy for Tenerife) have already announced that they will take legal action for publicizing their names and linking them to meetings with members of the corrupt network.

This newspaper published yesterday that “the hard core” of Tito Berni, according to sources from the Socialist Parliamentary Group and the PSOE, was made up of “Galician deputies and Andalusian deputies.” Indeed, among the dozen parliamentarians indicated by sources of the investigation or by Antonio Navarro, the Mediator who gives his name to the case, there would be four Andalusian deputies and three Galicians, in addition to three Castilla y León (two have already announced legal actions). and a Valencian, in addition to Bernardo Fuentes himself. The two indicated senators are from the Canary Islands. Olivia Nieto has already denied it and announced legal actions; Her partner has denied it in statements to this newspaper.

The dinners led by Fuentes Curbelo in Madrid -Tito Berni for the plot- are a constant in the summary. This newspaper published that the former PSOE deputy invited five deputies from his party to a second dinner at the Ramses restaurant in Madrid, which also functions as a nightclub. These five deputies join the others who attended a dinner for 15, which appears in the messages of the plot under the textuality: “Table for 15. All from the PSOE, neither from Podemos nor from Vox nor dragged Catalans.” That quote, which this newspaper advanced on February 23, is part of the summary of the Mediator case.

However, from the direction of the Group, the spokesman Patxi López, maintains that after his inquiries only Curbelo himself, already expelled from the party and without a deputy certificate, “has slipped down the slope” of corruption.

The Socialists try to avoid targeting their parliamentarians by taking cover after the announcement of lawsuits against those who publish names “linking them to events that have not occurred at all.” Sources from the Group’s management state that the parliamentarians who have been cited in different reports already have legal assistance to undertake the appropriate legal proceedings.

“It is one thing to go to a dinner and another to be corrupted”, stressed Patxi López, and insisted that being in that context does not have to mean anything. For the PSOE “the limit is corruption”, not the fact of having attended.

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