Port of Savannah announces record January cargo volumes

In response to a surge in demand, the Port of Savannah added another month to its record cargo volume streak.

Port of Savannah announces record January cargo volumes

According to the Georgia Ports Authority, nearly 480,000 containers units of imports or exports were moved through Savannah's docks in January. This is a 44% increase over January 2021 when cargo volumes were already high.

As the U.S. economy recovers from the coronavirus epidemic, business has boomed at U.S. ports. Retailers rush to stock their shelves and online shopping continues its growth.

Last month, Savannah's port authority reported that there was a 20% rise in shipping containers during 2021. It handled a record 5.6 million container units.

Officials at Savannah Port claimed that Savannah saw record container numbers in all 12 months last year.

The port authority hired new workers and equipment to alleviate the traffic jams that plagued last fall, which kept ships at sea and containers on land. In addition to temporarily storing cargo, the agency set up inland storage facilities that would allow Savannah's container terminal to have more space.

The Port of the Savannah is the fourth busiest U.S. port for cargo in shipping containers. These giant metal boxes are used to transport everything from frozen chickens to consumer electronics.


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