Poverty: Many unemployed lack the money for food

Every other day a full meal is often too expensive for one third of the unemployed in Germany. This results from an evaluation of the Federal Statistical Office.

Poverty: Many unemployed lack the money for food

According to an evaluation of EU statistics SILC, unemployed people in Germany often have too little money to buy food. 30 percent of unemployed in this country – 837,000 people – refore had difficulties in year 2016 to pay a full meal every or day. In total population, share was 7.1 percent. The figures are based on a furr evaluation of SILC survey by Federal Statistical Office, which is present in new press in Passau.

According to survey, unemployed people suffer furr deprivation: 18.4 percent, that is 519,000 persons, stated that y had been missing money to heat ir apartment appropriately, it says.

The SILC survey on income and living conditions in Europe also raised what unexpected expenditure amounts to at least 985 euros for households. There were 2,270,000 unemployed (81.5 percent) who did not have right to deny this from ir own funds. In total population, share was a good 30 percent.

"The findings are in true sense a poverty certificate for welfare state of Germany," said labour market policy spokeswoman of left Bundestag group, Sabine Zimmermann. Since Hartz reforms, social security for unemployed is largely left to Hartz IV. The politician demanded that Hartz IV be replaced by a sanction-free guarantee.

Date Of Update: 23 June 2018, 12:02

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