Questions to Ask a Delivery Company Before Forging Partnerships

Delivery is an integral part of any online business. The key is convenience

Questions to Ask a Delivery Company Before Forging Partnerships
Delivery is an integral part of any online business. The key is convenience. You want the people who ordered items from your company to receive the package on time and in perfect condition. In an age where online businesses flourish, you want to ensure that you do not disappoint your customers. They want quick and efficient package delivery. You even have to compete with other companies that will quickly send items to their customers.

Therefore, before forming a partnership with a delivery company, you need to ask the right questions. Do not settle until you find the answers you want to hear.

What is your delivery system?

You need to find out how the delivery company sends the packages to the customers and how long it takes. You also need to know the logistical process so that you can also guarantee your customers that they will receive their packages on time. 

Do you have a record on damaged or mishandled goods?

These companies keep a record of the items they mishandled. You need to check if the figure is too high. Ask for an explanation regarding this issue. If they cannot explain, you need to look for other delivery companies. You will most likely suffer from these issues if you decide to work with them.

How much do your services cost?

You need to know the amount that you are going to spend on delivery. You might want to offer free shipping to your customers, but you cannot afford to do that if the delivery cost is too high. Once you partner with the delivery company, they might offer you discounts provided that you sign a contract to make them the official courier.

What happens when you fail to deliver?

It helps also to check what the options are if the delivery company does not send the packages on time or if something goes wrong along the way. You do not want to bear the cost since you will end up paying a lot. Of course, you need to replace the order and send it to your customer immediately. If not, you need to offer a refund or vouchers.

What companies have you partnered with?

You also need to ask if the delivery company has worked with significant brands in the past. It tells you that these companies trusted them for delivery services. If there are no other major companies that have worked with them before, it could be quite risky.

After asking these questions, it is time to determine if you will begin a business partnership. If you do not feel satisfied, you can look for other choices. You can also negotiate the cost if that is an issue. However, you cannot say yes to an agreement with a company that will not guarantee quality results.

You can check for information about white postal boxes and decide if you will push through with the services offered. You know what your customers need and deserve. 


Date Of Update: 22 May 2019, 04:54

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