At 20 rue Washington, at the corner of avenue des Champs-Élysées, modernity and heritage go hand in hand in the Ulteam tertiary complex: 6,000 square meters of new-look offices created from five historic buildings that the architects of the Arte Charpentier firm have demolished or restructured on behalf of Groupama Immobilier. The ornate lounges of a private mansion (1820), meticulously restored, now sit alongside contemporary modular platforms, bathed in natural light through high bay windows, framed by a brass-colored vertical metal mesh serving as a sunshade . Auditorium (156 seats) in the basement, marble hall, main courtyard and French garden on the ground floor. And at the penthouse of several green balconies, this transparent “cloud” placed on the roof terrace, the promise of splendid panoramic views§

This is the average increase in rental requests in France observed by a panel of 650 real estate agencies affiliated with the National Real Estate Federation (Fnaim) throughout the national territory.

The National Real Estate Federation (Fnaim) is warning of a drop in the number of available rental properties: -34% this summer compared to the 2022 stock over the same period. Half of the agencies have less than ten properties advertised for rental, and one in ten agencies no longer have any. For Loïc Cantin, president of Fnaim: “Accessing property has become complicated. The increase in credit rates and the tightening of conditions imposed on borrowers prevent some tenants from becoming owners, remaining in place longer and slowing down the mobility of the stock. On the supply side, owner-occupiers and landlords face an escalation of constraints: rent control, rental permits, climate law and energy renovation obligations, explosion in property taxes. The economic balance of rental investment also comes up against inflation, the rise in the cost of energy and the freezing of the increase in the IRL. »