Real Estate Prices: Residential property became more expensive nationwide

In the past year, self-used housing costs 11.6 percent more than 2016 in large cities. Prices also increase in rural areas.

Real Estate Prices: Residential property became more expensive nationwide

Prices for self-employed Wohneigentumsind increased by 5.4 percent in Germany last year. This was reported by world on Sunday, citing eineStudie of Federal Association of German National UndRaiffeisenbanken (BVR). As a result, increase was even higher than in DenVorjahren with 4.9 percent (2016) and 3.2 percent (2015).

According to study, price of survey once again made a significant leap in metropolitan areas. In six largest cities, increase was estimated to be 11, 6percent. "The price increase thus surpassed growth rates of important fundamental data such as dasverfügbare income or rents in large-6erneut," newspaper cites from report, which is based among or things on market data of association of German Pfandbrief banks.

The leaders in this group are refore Berlin, Munich and Hamburg with a price growth of up to 200 per cent since 2007. Price drivers continue to be " high Zuzugnach Germany and in particular cities, historischniedrige interest rate level and good Economy in Germany ".

At same time, affordability of residential property according to report assumes Immerweiter. In six largest cities, DieWohneigentumspreise had grown by 55 percent more than available income.

Price increase also in country

However, according to study, prices in rural areas are now also rising. "The upswing in real estate market has gained widespread", quotes doublet from BVR paper. DieDurchschnittspreise in country had risen 2017 by 4.8 percent – after 4.2 and 2.7 percent in two years before.

According to study, a risk ethylalcohol financial system is, despite high awards of increasing lending. The volume DerWohnkredite waxes between 3.5 and 4 percent per year and Damitnur little stronger than economy. The private debt ratio is below 90 percent gross domestic product and "no evidence of eineübermäßige lending".

Date Of Update: 03 June 2018, 12:02

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