Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: one-man regime

The Sultan of Turkey and the responsibility of the West

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: one-man regime
The Sultan of Turkey and responsibility of West July 14, 2018, 14:01 UhrEditiert on July 14 2018, 14:01 UhrDIE time no 29/201855 comments

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Last week, Turkey changed from a well-established parliamentary system to a rigorous one-man regime. Election winner Erdoğan took his position as first president in so-called presidential system à la turca. This can be translated into "Sultanate", where even Ottoman sultans finally shared ir power with Parliament. The "new president", on or hand, installed a system without brakes in which parliamentary control and accountability for judiciary no longer exist. He made repealed state of emergency a normal state by decree. Turkey turned it into a party state governed by decrees. All power lies at palace.

Can Dündar

is editor-in-chief of Internet platform Özgürüz. He is now writing for Us Weekly about crisis in Turkey.

What Erdoğan did immediately after elections gives an idea of future: (furr) 18,700 employees in public service and 199 university lecturers were dismissed, twelve clubs and four media bodies closed. Three students who wore Erdoğan cartoons at graduation ceremony were arrested.

But Erdoğan is (still) opposed to an opposition of 50 percent. These are educated, urban, purchasing-rich, secular, and younger circles that oppose oppression.

But economy is in a pinch. Inflation is 15, unemployment is over 10 percent. Food prices rose by 19 percent. The Turkish lira continues to slump against dollar and euro. The budget deficit rose to 57.7 billion dollars. The risk premium is at level of Greece. In order to balance budget deficit and repay foreign debt of 183 billion, Turkey will have to open up in coming year 233 billion abroad. For a country without a functioning legal system, however, it should be problematic to find foreign funds and investors for its crumbling economy. So re are measures to tighten belt. These, in turn, mean disappointments for supporters erdoğan'sed with electoral promises.

Behind more friendly messages Erdoğan's to west, which he had almost declared war on before referendum last year, is also a bit of this scenario. If outflow of foreign capital, which starts after elections, continues, it will be difficult for economy to withstand.

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Now Europe, especially Germany, must make a new decision on Turkey. We will not want to stop dialogue with Erdoğan, pillar of strategy against influx of refugees. It would also be a disadvantage for Turkey. But Europe must recognize that any concession to Erdoğan will continue to drive Turkey to abyss. If, on basis of interests in refugee blockade, defence or energy sector, Europe merely looks at how judiciary is crushing, press is silenced, human rights are trampled on, democracy and secularism are buried, and Turkey is being dragged into religious despotism, or it is even involved in building an authoritarian regime, it will be responsible for it before history.

From Turkish by Sabine Adatepe

Date Of Update: 15 July 2018, 12:02

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