Rescue action in Thailand: What we know – and what is not

Eight boys are free, the rescue mission is running. Media around the world are reporting on Thailand's cave disaster. But what is confirmed? A fact check

Rescue action in Thailand: What we know – and what is not
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    Eight of twelve boys, who had been trapped in a cave in Thailand for two weeks with ir football coach, are free. That's what Navy confirmed. The four or children and ir trainers are to be released next. The crew was surprised after a trip to corridors of rains: water seeped in and flooded parts of way backwards.

    After nine days, divers had discovered missing. Since n, various strategies for salvage have been discussed. Since Sunday, specially trained divers are now gradually getting boys out of cave. All over world, media are reporting rescue mission – but many of information that is being used is not confirmed. The following article reflects state of facts that could be considered secured by afternoon of 9 July.

    What we know
    • On June 23rd, several parents reported missing ir children to Thai police. The twelve boys play in football club Moo PAH ("Wild boar") from province of Chiang Rai in norrn Thailand. The coach was also considered missing.
    • The search party found out: After training, eleven-to 16-year-old boys had ridden with ir coach to Tham Luang Cave in Forest Park of Khun Nam Nang non – although signs warned to enter cave during rainy season. Policemen discovered bicycles and football shoes inside cave, which showed way in search. The problem: After heavy rainfall, large parts of cave were flooded and thus become impassable.
    • The British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC), a Thai cave diver and diver, supports search. On July 2 at 21:38 am local time, British cave rescue specialists Rick Stanton and John Volann discovered boys and ir coaches several kilometers deep in mountain in a dry place, enclosed by water.
    • With help of pumps, rescue workers – at beginning of July, had more than 1,000 people in emergency service – lowered water level in cave. Meanwhile, re is also a small dam, which is supposed to hold back water.
    • On July 3rd divers and a doctor could reach team for first time. The men provided medical help and brought food.
    • On Sunday, July 8th, rescue operation started with help of specially trained divers. Two divers each accompany a child from cave. It is flooded in several places, which is why boys also have to dive partially. A lanyard offers orientation on way out of cave, which leads through bottlenecks.
    • In advance, divers have roughly trained children in cave. To facilitate progression under water, each boy carries a full face mask.
    Time Online
    • So far eight of twelve boys have been liberated. That's what Navy confirmed on Monday. Four of m were salvaged on Sunday and treated in provincial Hospital of Chiang Rai, and four ors reached open with ir rescuers on Monday, 9 July. Danish diver Ivan Karadzic, who was involved in rescue dive of Sunday, reported to Danish radio about state of first four rescued: "The boys were under sedatives so that y did not panic [...]. They were not totally stunned, but y did not respond properly. "
    • The rescue staff dive into teams, along route re are meeting points. In addition, according to BCRC, compressed air cylinders are placed at different points on route. The organization furr shared on demand from time online, some divers used a circulatory scuba, which allows a longer dive period.
    • The cave system in Doi-nang-non-mountain range is geologically scarcely explored. "We know re is a very large entrance area, followed by more chambers. Basically, cave quickly becomes clearly small, "said cave researcher Emily Vogel in an interview with time online.
    • According to current knowledge, main path of Tham Luang cave system has a length of about ten kilometers and an average coverage of mountains of several hundred meters. The information is based on data of French scientists who had roughly measured cave in 1980s and created a floor plan (click here to go to map of cave). A few years later, British researched again after cave was joined by a second. (All available map material can be found here.)

    Date Of Update: 10 July 2018, 12:02

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