Rescue services: Fee to stop rush in emergency rooms

The head of the Federal Association of Cash doctors calls for a fee for emergency rooms. This allowed the patient to control the rush.

Rescue services: Fee to stop rush in emergency rooms

Can a fee limit large rush to emergency rooms in German hospitals? Andreas Gassen, chairman of Federal Medical Association (KBV), said this proposal to newspapers of German editorial network: "Financial control would be exactly lever that would help," streets stated.

Too many patients would turn to emergency room of a hospital, often even in middle of night, although medically it is often not necessary. This is a problem, especially in large cities. A study by University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf shows: About half of patients who visit an emergency outpatient clinic in a hospital do not consider treatment to be urgent. 35 percent had ir symptoms already three days or longer.

According to Chief of Association of Cashier doctors should only those in emergency room, "which later also need to be treated inpatiently". All ors would have to be provided with outpatient care – and offer for this would be stressed lanes. However, if certain patients "permanently evade offer of established physicians and use system as y please," hospitals would have to react with financial penalties.

The KBV chairman spoke out for a nationwide uniform solution. The collection of charges in emergency room is already common in many European countries. In Germany, health insurance companies pay a so-called clarification lump sum when y pass on patients to established doctors.

Date Of Update: 17 July 2018, 12:02

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