Returns: Amazon destroys reports according to mass products

Cell phones, furniture, refrigerators: Amazon, according to reports, destroys many returned products. The online retailer wants to improve its demand forecasts.

Returns: Amazon destroys reports according to mass products

The online merchant Amazon is reportedly destroying mass returns and also new products in German logistics warehouses. According to ZDF magazine frontal 21 and economic week, goods of all kinds would be disposed of: from refrigerators to washing machines and dishwashers to mobile phones, tablets, mattresses and furniture.

According to reports, one of company's employees stated that y had been destroyed every day in value of several tens of thousands of euros. Several employees have also unanimously reported that Amazon is not only destroying useless products, but also functional and in part still new products.

Amazon itself did not deny to dispose of articles, and stated that it had several programs to furr reduce disposal of products – for example on resale or donations. Amazon is constantly working to improve demand forecasts to minimize number of unsold items, company shared in an opinion. Frontal 21 cites Amazon as saying: "If products cannot be sold, resold or donated, we will work with purchasers of residual stocks that continue to use those goods."

Greenpeace calls for a ban on destruction of new goods

The state secretary in federal environment ministry, Jochen Flasbarth, demanded clarification from Amazon. "This is a huge scandal, because we are consuming resources in this way with all problems in world as a whole. Such a procedure simply does not fit into this time, "he told sender and magazine. "I am convinced that many consumers are shocked by such behaviour and will not accept it eir."

The environmental organization Greenpeace called for Consequences: "We need a legal waste and annihilation ban for new and usable goods," said Greenpeace expert Kirsten Broder.

Date Of Update: 09 June 2018, 12:02

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