Right-wing extreme women on TV: the other Nazis

In this 34; scene and 34;-season, the focus was conspicuously often on right-wing radical women. Television has seen a lot of real states in Germany.

Right-wing extreme women on TV: the other Nazis
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    They are called Lene, Gudrun, Sylvia, Maria, Lena, Mechthild, Lilli.

    They are sensitive, passionate, attentive – and for first time not unsympatic.

    Angelika Nguyen is a documentary filmmaker and freelance writer. She works as a freelance speaker, enjoys film analysis and writes about cinema launches especially on telegraph.cc. She is a guest author of "10 Nach8". (copyright) Tobias Kunz

    What women are außerdemnoch, y hide rar, and y do it differently than men in ir environment. BYA Strategic reasons in service of cause, but because everything is close to each or: love and hatred. Their love belongs to those who see m alsdie and ir hatred to those who consider m to be foreign and inferior. Because se women are Nazi women. Racist, anti-democratic and deeply convinced by inequality of people.

    They are main characters in four German TV-detective stories of first half-year 2018. Three crime scenes and one Polizeiruf played in Nazi milieu: I kill no One (first broadcast 15 April 2018) with Ermittlerduo Felix Voss UndPaula Marigold, Solstice (first airing 13 May 2018) with Ermittlerduo Franziska Tobler and Friedemann Berg, free land ( Erstausstrahlung03. June 2018) with Ermittlerduo Ivo Batic and Franz Leitmayr and Inflames (first broadcast 10 June 2018) with Ermittlerduo Katrin König and Alexander Bukow.

    In three of four films, makers opted for dieStrategie to partially conceal radicalism of ihrerweiblichen Nazi figures.

    The balance of figures between self-control, OffenemSozialverhalten, communicative fundamental on one hand and ideologically gutverwahrtem hatred on or is typical. Perhaps vergleichbarmit of balance is Beate Zschäpes, which maintains its outward composure through five JahreNSU process.

    In three of films re are in end political Enthüllungdieser women characters: Gudrun, who at conclusion of I kill no one as initiator of cruel racist murders turns out, hurls, pushed into corner, denErmittlern ir Nazi persuasion. Lene, charismatic figure in DemMünchner Tatort free country, takes over in last setting leader-role of Reich Citizen-WG, and in Rostock Polizeiruf in flames, Amene turns out that moderate-populist Parteigängerin Sylvia herself Inreality has never displaced from her violent Nazi past.

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    Not one of Nazi women changes at end of movie or even doubts a bit. Not a single end that could soo spectators. Neverless, se thrillers spread hope. It is in opposition to DieRechten. This does not come, however, from Antifa, but by criminal investigators. Not as an authority you lean on, but quite individually. And roles are reversed: The officials are highly emotional, Nazisgelassen.

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