Rubbish: Germany produced 411.5 million tonnes of waste in one year

Especially in the construction and demolition sector, more and more rubbish is falling in Germany. Most of the waste is recycled or used for energy production.

Rubbish: Germany produced 411.5 million tonnes of waste in one year

There are more and more waste in Germany. This was shared by statistical unions, toger with International Day of environment on 5 June. For example, DasMüllaufkommen in Germany rose to 411.5 million tonnes in year 2016, which is 2.3 percent more than in previous year.

80, 7percent of all wastes were "recycled or energetic", i.e. recycled or burned for energy production, Isabella Flourin vomStatistischen Federal office. At 16.9 per cent, only a small part of waste landed in landfills. Overall, recovery rate has risen steadily in Vergangenenzehn years – so it was still 2006 at 74.3 percent.

Runddie half of waste is construction and demolition waste, which increased by 6, 6percent in comparison with previous year. This is followed by "or wastes", which originate from Insbesondereaus production and trade. They went back by 5.7 percent. The amount of municipal waste – which includes household and packaging scraps – rose to 52.1 million tonnes. This corresponds to 12.6 percent of total waste.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2018, 12:02

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