Samsung and Spotify: Alliance against Apple

Smartphonehersteller Samsung cooperates with the Spotify streaming. This is how they ally themselves against Apple. What does this mean for the companies, what for the users?

Samsung and Spotify: Alliance against Apple

A piece of information almost went down on Thursday. After Samsung had already introduced a new smartphone, a new Smartwatch and its own loudspeaker at its unpacked event in New York, electronics manufacturer still had something to announce: He will cooperate with Spotify in future.

The streaming service thus integrates its offer in SamsungMusic and in Smart assistant Bixby. The Spotify app should also be pre-installed on Samsung's smartphones, TVs and announced speakers.

What sounds like a gewöhnlichenZusammenarbeit between two companies is actually an alliance against Apple. The US company competes with both Samsung and Spotify for customers: The South Koreans compete with iphone manufacturer around DieHoheit on smartphone market, which beimMusikstreaming Sweden with Apple Music around sovereignty.

Apple picks up

Yet Samsung and Spotify are clearly ahead of Apple with ir products. The SüdkoreanischeHersteller sold almost 72 million smartphones in second quarter of 2018, US company dropped 41 million. Spotify has more than 83 million paying users, while Apple Music is 45 million.

However, pick up Amerikanerauf. In April y announced 40 million paying subscribers for ir streaming, y have been able to increase DieZahl by 25 percent in a short time. And also wennSamsung overall world's leading Smartphonehersteller, Diemeistverkauften smartphones are currently iphone models.

A cooperation could prove to be advantageous for both Samsung and Spotify Sichdaher. DemSmartphonehersteller has been missing a successful Streamingangebot. Especially for his smartenLautsprecher, who actually advertise with ir digital assistants, this is an elementary feature: More than half of DerNutzerinnen and users of intelligent speakers play music over Geräteab, which MehrereUmfragenergeben have. It is most frequently used function apart from questions about wear, news or current traffic situation. A functioning streaming is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have.

Spotify, on or hand, has had difficulty enforcing itself as a streaming on smart loudspeakers. Because GroßenHersteller have all ir own offers: Google Home offers Google PlayMusic (soon YouTube Music), on echo it is Amazon music and on HomePodApple music. Apple even goes as far as ors are being Streamingdienste used only by detours on loudspeaker through. The cooperation with Samsung now secures Spotify a certain range, both on smart speakers and on smartphones. This is important in fight with Apple around subscribers.

More than simpler use is not

And what about users UndNutzern? They would benefit from merger, companies claim as expected. DerZugang to music, song lists and podcasts will be simplified, says Samsungund Spotifyunisono. For example, users can use SmartThings app to transfer music from TV in living room to smartphone in kitchen, supposedly without interruption or delay.

It should be noted, however, that something is being touted as new, which is already possible. Spotify Connect already offers a smooth transition. Even if two providers alsosuggerieren that y are going to have an improved experience of users, cooperation in first place has advantages for companies mselves.

Date Of Update: 11 August 2018, 12:00

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