Save with electricity: Drive electrically and save

Electromobility is becoming increasingly popular.

Save with electricity: Drive electrically and save

Electromobility is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder: in addition to the good feeling of making a contribution to climate protection, there are tax advantages, government subsidies and discounts on car insurance.

Germany drives electric. And there are many good reasons for this: Electric vehicles are making an important contribution to climate protection as part of the traffic turnaround. At the same time, drivers benefit from a number of attractive advantages that the state offers as incentives. While e-car owners can save through premiums and tax breaks, it can also be cheaper in terms of insurance - for example with HUK24, THE car insurer for electric cars.

If you insure an electric car here, you save 10 percent on the annual premium. If it's a new car, it's even 20 percent. And the positive climate balance can also be monetized – as part of the GHG or CO2 bonus. We have collected the top benefits for you.

1. Electric mobility is good for the climate

Climate protection is unthinkable without emission-free driving. Our inner cities are already growing rapidly, in many places limit values ​​are being exceeded due to the unbelievable number of vehicles with combustion engines. If you drive electrically, you not only drive quietly but also cleanly on Germany's roads - and make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

2. The state subsidizes electromobility

There's no question about it: the higher acquisition costs of electric vehicles can seem daunting at first glance - although these can be compensated for in the medium to long term by the comparatively low maintenance costs. The legislator has therefore put together an attractive support package intended to provide financial relief for owners of electric vehicles. Starting with the environmental and innovation bonus of currently up to 9,000 euros to a limited exemption from vehicle tax and subsidized parking spaces in public spaces. That saves nerves – and money.

3. The insurance premium may be reduced

Even top insurers such as HUK24 relieve owners of electric vehicles by reducing the premium by 10 percent. There is an additional discount of 10 percent for new vehicles. Valuable services are also provided in the event of damage. As part of the fully comprehensive insurance, battery damage that is not caused by wear and tear is covered for up to 20,000 euros - regardless of age.

4. CO2 bonus can bring money annually

Have you ever heard of the GHG quota? Sounds more complicated than it is: GHG quota stands for greenhouse gas reduction quota. This is based on the legal obligation of certain corporations to reduce their CO2 emissions below specified thresholds. But not all companies can do this on their own – and have to compensate. Starting this year, owners of e-cars can benefit by selling the CO2 savings of their cars. The transaction runs through special service providers, is checked by the Federal Environment Agency and can bring in several hundred euros a year.

Incidentally, as a HUK24 customer, it is particularly easy. Because HUK24 offers this service through a certified partner, who also pays out a particularly high bonus. Only a vehicle registration document is required for registration.

5. Extended parking facilities for Stromer

Parking spaces are in short supply, especially in inner cities - especially if they are free of charge. When and how long e-cars are allowed to park at public charging stations is not regulated nationwide, but in many places there are explicitly designated special parking spaces for electric vehicles.

Our conclusion: Anyone who has not yet switched to an electric vehicle should definitely consider switching. The advantages speak for themselves.

Want to learn more about electric car insurance coverage? You can find out more here.

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