Schlager: Singer Jürgen Marcus is dead

His hit 34; a new love is like a new life 34; made him famous. Jürgen Marcus died at the age of 69 years due to a chronic pulmonary disease.

Schlager: Singer Jürgen Marcus is dead

The German Schlager singer Jürgen Marcus is dead. He died in mid-May at age of 69 years in Munich, as his manager and life-partner Nikolaus Fischer shared. Marcus was in 1970s with song A new love has become known as a new life.

"I confess to heavy heart that Jürgen Marcus has lost fight against chronic pulmonary disease of COPD," Fischer said. Marcus was 2002 to COPD and had refore withdrawn from public. The singer would have celebrated his 70 birthday on June 6th.

Marcus was born on June 6, 1948 under bourgeois name Jürgen Beumer in North Rhine-Westphalian Herne. The skilled machine fitter had his first success at end of 1960s with role of Claude in hippie musical hair. As a result, music producer Jack White became aware of Marcus and took him on a contract.

The great success brought 1972 a new love Is like a new life. Or well-known songs of him were a festival of love, at station of many tracks and a song draws out into world. Marcus joined 1976 in Eurovision Song Contest for Luxembourg and reached rank 14 with chansons pour ceux qui s ' aiment. In addition, he also appeared in several films and series.

Until 1982, Marcus was performer in German charts with a total of 36 number-one successes. He also collaborated with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. The attempt at an international career failed when Song Liberation Day 1988 already flopped in Germany. In 1990s Marcus was also active as a music producer.

"It was his express wish to be buried in silence," Fischer shared. "In order to grieve in silence and dignity in this difficult time, I ask you to refrain from asking and to respect this decision.

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Date Of Update: 29 May 2018, 12:02

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