Schufa: Data protection officers check for paid credit information

If you want to download a schufa information, you have to pay for it so far. However, the new data protection law provides that data information should be free of charge.

Schufa: Data protection officers check for paid credit information

According to media reports, Hessian data Protection officer reviews business model of credit report Schufa. So far, if consumers want immediate electronic information about ir creditworthiness, y have to pay a fee of at least 3.95 euros. However, new Data Protection basic Regulation (DSGVO) provides for free information on all data that a company has stored about consumers.

If you don't want to pay anything, you could ask for free information by mail at Schufa once a year. This takes weeks, but not all can wait that long. As world reports, Schufa is denying free download because it cannot determine wher online request comes from authorized person. Only a delivery to postal address can ensure that information reaches right person. The process was coordinated by SCHUFA with data protection authorities. The Hessian data protection officer said that relevant agreement is currently under review.

In paid service, Schufa does not see problem. This is where users are pointing out check digit on ir identity card.

The responsible officer of Hessian country data protection officer has asked company to comment on this. The Authority shall examine extent to which practice of schufa is permissible, world reports.

The Schufa also contradicted idea that electronic information must be significantly faster than a postal one. According to law, it has four weeks. The payment-based online offer "MeineSchufa" is not necessarily faster, because for first access an identification process is necessary, "roughly identical" long lasting like a postal data copy after DSGVO.

Furrmore, Schufa doubted wher information after DSGVO would provide an advantage in everyday life. For example, landlords are not supposed to request this type of information, according to federal Data protection officer, because y are too detailed. For this purpose SCHUFA offers a paid credit information, which is also only delivered by post.

Since its entry into force on 25 May, DSGVO has been providing a number of places for adaptation needs. Consumers receive a number of emails with information on new privacy policies. Companies are afraid of a warning wave because y have not yet implemented legal provisions.

Date Of Update: 12 June 2018, 12:02

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