Seeed: Demba Nabé died

The Berlin musician Demba Nabé died at the age of 46 years. He had recently announced with his reggae and dancehall band Seeed to go on tour.

Seeed: Demba Nabé died

The Berlin musician Demba Nabé, frontman of group Seeed, is dead. He died on Thursday at age of 46 years, as reported by Berlin Tagesspiegel, citing Nabés lawyer, Christian Schertz. "Since news of Dembas death has hit band deeply and she needs time and rest for her grief, we are asking to refrain from furr inquiries at moment," said Schertz. On her Facebook page, band wrote: "We mourn for our friend and singer Demba Nabé."

Besides Peter Fox and Dellé, Demba Nabé aka Boundzound belonged to front men of eleven members of Berlin band Seeed. The band is known for ir reggae and Dancehallmusik and songs like thick B, Augenbling and Ding.

Only a month ago band had announced that y would go on tour in fall of 2019. According to Tagesspiegel, concerts were sold out within 30 minutes, because of onslaught, servers of ticket platform had temporarily collapsed.

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Date Of Update: 01 June 2018, 12:02

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