Seven Significant Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin in 2019

At this stage of technological change in finance in 2019, it is impossible not to have heard of bitcoin

Seven Significant Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin in 2019

At this stage of technological change in finance in 2019, it is impossible not to have heard of bitcoin. Another very different thing is to know well what it is and how it works.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency to buy and sell goods and services. That means that unlike the euro, you will not have coins or physical bills in your wallet. However, more important than this, the cryptocurrency revolution offers a decentralized market, deregulated, and without institutional control.

It is achieved thanks to the technology called Blockchain, a gigantic database that stores information on thousands of personal computers. The Blockchain system is innovative, safer, anonymous, and could be the key to a completely free market in the future.

For all these reasons, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on everyone's lips. We are in full swing investor of digital money. More and more people are making money by investing in these new technologies. So, should you invest in bitcoin in 2019?

Factors to Invest in Bitcoin in 2019

The question is worth asking: why should we invest in Bitcoin in 2019?

The main answer at this moment is simple: because it goes up (a very characteristic response of speculative bubbles). However, Bitcoin has some authentic assets:

1. Ability to conduct transactions on the internet

In complete confidentiality and without having to go through a bank, we can transact Bitcoin on the internet. It is the main reason why cryptocurrencies were created. We do not know if you've realized that, but the state and the banks are trying more and more to get a grip on everything we do.

For example, we cannot make bank transfer over 3000 euros per day without going through our advisor. Large deposits and cash withdrawals are also closely monitored. Of course, these measures are useful because they also serve to control better illegal activities (but this is another debate).

The point is that Bitcoin is the dream currency of ultra-liberals: it allows trading freely without the state or the banks come to put their nose in the transactions.

2. Absence of exchange restrictions for travelers

If you go to Japan, you will have to change your euros to yen to be able to pay your current expenses. If you go to the United States, you will have to buy the dollar, Switzerland Swiss franc, and so on, which is a tiresome process.

On the other hand, in case the Bitcoin becomes sufficiently popular: you could settle everywhere in Bitcoins as there are free bitcoin sites. Practical for the digital nomads of the 21st century!

If it democratized, Bitcoin could become the first real "world currency."

3. Digital value reserve

Bitcoin also aims to serve as a shield and store of value in the event of a major systemic crisis. In the occasion that we discover ourselves in a typical crisis of 2008, Bitcoin would be a kind of "digital gold" that would not be impacted in the same way that could be the euro or the dollar since it does not depend on any bank and any central bank.

Similarly, if the euro suddenly devalues ​​itself sharply due to major economic problems in Europe, holding a portion of its capital in digital currencies would make it possible to avoid devaluation and protect its purchasing power.

4. Only officially listed cryptocurrency

During the month of December, bitcoin contracts began trading on the Chicago Stock Exchange, one of the largest financial derivatives markets in the United States. This event has brought a new influence to bitcoin by allowing institutional investors to invest heavily (if they wish) in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is therefore for the moment the only crypto officially dubbed by the world of "traditional" finance.

5. There are no taxes involved

Another good reason when you invest in Bitcoin is that you do not have to pay any taxes. If there are any, it is a ridiculous amount that does not affect your investment at all. In the absence of an institution that regularizes everything is done with the laws of the market. It includes that there is no tax payment, commissions as you only happen with banks or lenders.

6. Instant Payments

Another great reason with Bitcoin is - you do not have to wait any time for your money to become active. In the case that you buy bitcoins, it will be in your wallet within a few seconds.Unlike the global banking system in which transactions need to be validated and may take several days. It does not happen with Bitcoin.

7. Privacy

In the world of cryptocurrencies, user data is safe. Although there are blockchains in which all movements are recorded, everything happens through pseudonyms. Even if your data is registered, none of them are published. So you don't have to worry about the fact that someone knows whether or not you invest in Bitcoin. You can only know and whom you tell.

Date Of Update: 28 August 2019, 12:03

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