Shortage of skilled workers: As if the menial work

Care, gastronomy, logistics, cleaning: In some industries companies hardly find any employees. Four bosses report the reasons – and solutions.

Shortage of skilled workers:   As if the menial work
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    According to surveys, every third gastronomy company finds it difficult for employees. At hotels with restaurant operation It is sogarknapp 40 per cent. The training figures have fallen to lowest level seit1976. Chef and restaurant specialist are now on place Vierund six of most unpopular training professions in this country. And almost jederzweite trainee also breaks down, more than in any or training profession.

    Online Time: Mr. Felder, you are chef of a restaurant with a lake terrace directly at Bodensee and are desperately looking for chefs UndKellner. Why does someone like you find such heavy staff?

    Ralf Felder: In my opinion we have etwasversaut ourselves in gastronomy industry: we do too little for next generation. UnsereArbeitszeiten are extremely unattractive because we n work when or holiday Machenoder. And payment is far too meager. Compare what big corporations pay to staff of ir canteens. You can blame it keinemKoch if he prefers to take a job re rar than in a restaurant.

    Ralf Felder runs a restaurant in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. © Ralf Felder

    Online Time: So you would have to pay your cooks and waiters Nurmehr?

    fields: Wirbezahlen already more than before, more is not, because also unserVerwaltungsaufwand rises constantly. Orwise business pays for us baldnicht more. Actually, guest would have to pay more for service. An electrician or painter pays 54 euros plus VAT for his working hours. No one pays for a cook. But money is always just a short-term motivation. If I have to encourage someone to take this profession, that doesn't make sense. Then do not ister with heart. The smarter way would be to adjust working time.

    Online Time: What do you do to attract applicants anyway?

    fields: Erstensannonciere I no longer, re is nothing suitable to come in. I Setzeauf word-of-mouth propaganda from my staff. Our people also have keineTeilschichten – so y don't work in morning, noon and evening again – but eir in morning shift or in late shift. And after nine hours is closing time. Overall, I have now set more staff angestelltund new opening hours. Breakfast is only available on weekends. Within season, our staff now have a five-day week with eight-hour shift. Esnützt me Nothing when I am servants and heating my people every day.

    Online Time: What would help you? Skilled workers from abroad?

    fields: Eskommen many people from all over Europe, but y often can not do what we need. It would help us more if we did not have feeling in this country: Every person has to study. Restaurant operators often look for employees who have at least a good Realschule degree. But those who are so well qualified do not usually stand on stove for a lifetime. Kochzu is a beautiful profession in which one can live out creatively undviele success experiences. Maybe guest would have to pay mehrdafür. Or value added tax will be reduced to seven percent like both hotels, that would help gastronomy immensely.

    Date Of Update: 19 July 2018, 12:02

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