Shortage of skilled workers: Bavaria expands deportation protection for nursing students

Asylum seekers who undergo training are protected from deportation. In future, this will also be in the care of Bavaria.

Shortage of skilled workers: Bavaria expands deportation protection for nursing students

Bavaria's interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) wants to protect rejected asylum seekers who are training in nursing professions better from deportations. "Especially in care we urgently need workers. That is why we have just given regulations to foreigners ' authorities, which also help to protect students from deportation – in addition to current 3 2 rule, "said CSU politician of world.

The so-called 3 2 regulation protects young people who are willing to integrate in vocational training and two years of professional career before deportation. Education in nursing sector has so far not been covered by this regulation. Bavaria has now changed that. "The new provision applies from now on," said national interior minister, who is also responsible for integration. His federal state thus presupposes a demand from Coalition Treaty, because corresponding regulation of federal government is still waiting.

Bavaria lacks 226,000 skilled workers

In view of shortage of skilled workers in Germany, it has been Längeremversucht to integrate refugees into labour market since n. According to IHK expert report, only in Bavaria 226,000 skilled workers are missing, of which 165,000 are professionally qualified. In business circles, Mansich agrees that this deficiency cannot be remedied by InländischeArbeitskräfte. and 3 2 rules are not rich eir. Many of m complain of too much bureaucracy and uncertainties.

In addition, although professional preparatory classes are offered nationwide, se would be used by world, above all, by Afghans who schlechtereAussichten on a work permit and associated protection of 3 2 rule. The state refore promotes two years of potential that companies cannot use afterwards.

Herrmann vs. Lane change

Herrmann sees reregulation for nursing school students consumption contribution to a change of track for AbgelehnteAsylbewerber, as demanded by SPD, Greens and parts of CDU: "If lane change is a permanent Verfahrenbedeutet that will change Asylum procedure in immigration procedures, we reject it. " In his opinion, asylum laws do not serve to cover DenFachkräftemangel. VieleUnionspolitikerfürchten also said that by DenSpurwechsel more people could try to get insLand under pretext of an asylum application, although y actually wanted to work primarily here.

As ImKoalitionsvertrag agreed, an immigration law is currently being drafted to recruit skilled workers. Fürbesonders sought-after professions such as nursing wants to create ArbeitsministerHubertus salvation (SPD) Einebefristete entry possibility for job search. "I imagine that nursing staff from abroad come to Germany for a half year and are looking for work here," said Heil of FrankfurterAllgemeinen Sunday newspaper.

Date Of Update: 26 August 2018, 12:00

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