Should Your Business Consider Inflatable Advertising In 2020?

Inflatable advertising is a fun and completely customisable way to promote a business.

Should Your Business Consider Inflatable Advertising In 2020?

Inflatable advertising is a fun and completely customisable way to promote a business. They definitely stand out, but as with any marketing channel, businesses will need to weigh the pros and cons before committing to the cost of any kind of promotional effort.

In 2020, consumer trends are changing, particularly as the world becomes more eco conscious and aware of their power as an individual. These are the reasons you should consider inflatable advertising in 2020.

Positive & Collaborative Brand Image

Inflatable advertisements are completely customisable. This means you can print supportive, engaging, stimulating messages that effectively communicate your brand message on everything from inflatable planets to blimps and blow up shapes or characters. They’re also a great way to show off a collaboration or establish a connection between two organisations.

For example, using an inflatable arch to welcome people at an event is a great, positive and fun image to present people with. However, you can use these inflatables to your advantage, showing off all the companies you work with, the charities you support, badges of accreditations, or anything that’s going to be recognisable to passers-by. This is a great way to increase footfall and build positive associations between your brand and other companies.

Nostalgic, Retro Approach To Advertising

There’s no denying that inflatable advertising is a retro channel for promotion. Off-line promotions are experiencing a comeback because reports show that consumers are becoming numb and unresponsive to online advertising, because they see so much every day. One of the ways to really capture a customer’s attention is with real life, physical advertising, including things like billboards, inflatables and pop ups.

In turn, retro and nostalgic goods and services are reported to be a consumer trend for 2020, with almost obsolete goods, such as tapes, staging a comeback, particularly with millennial and generation Z audiences. Using inflatables to advertise your brand or product, you may be able to effectively target this market and promote an on-trend image for your brand in 2020.

Is It Eco Conscious?

Thankfully, consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious, with more than 60% saying they are more likely to buy from or use a business because of their commitment to the environment. Ensuring a marketing effort is ethical and conscious of the environment will also help to establish a positive brand image. Similarly, it’s important to come out on the right side of history when it comes to building a business model that is kind to the environment.

Inflatables are a practical and eco conscious way to promote in a physical way! Firstly, they are extremely durable and light weight. This means they have an impressive lifetime and require less energy to transport if you are planning to attend different shows, festivals or events around the world, and still present a cohesive promotion. They can also be recycled once you are finished with the item. They can be sent off to recycling points or specific companies and re-worked into different plastic goods, including bags and tarps!

This might help you choose between different types of offline marketing, as things like billboard promotions can’t be recycled after.

Today, there are so many angles and things to consider when it comes to marketing channels. This is because consumers know they have more power, and we demand more of the companies we give our money to. Make sure you earn it, with a targeted and effective inflatable advertising campaign.

Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 11:44

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