SOA People: SAP Partner and Delivering Integrated IT Solutions

Today's businesses need a Credit management suite to optimize their processes to stay competitive and reduce costs

SOA People: SAP Partner and Delivering Integrated IT Solutions

Today's businesses need a Credit management suite to optimize their processes to stay competitive and reduce costs. As a partner of SAP, SOA People has the solutions that businesses need in all industries and for companies of any size—from small business owners to international corporations.

They deliver innovative projects across the board while providing high-level support throughout each project's lifecycle. SOA People's proven methodology and professional approach have yielded a track record of success with several satisfied clients under their belt.

Who is SOA People?

As businesses are facing issues with their IT systems due to outdated technology, many are looking for experts who can provide exceptional service and support. SOA People is a reputable company with years of experience in the industry whose staff has successfully completed many projects across different industries worldwide.

What does SOA People offer?

SOA People offers a wide range of IT solutions to help businesses achieve their objectives. Here are some of the things SOA People has to offer:

1. A Digital Platform integrated within SAP:

SOA People offers a digital platform integrated within SAP. It helps businesses to streamline their processes and reduce costs. This platform gives business owners the ability to create in-depth credit checks using multiple sourced information, with a centralized dashboard to continually check their risk status.

2. Ready4 Credit Management:

It helps businesses to manage their risks effectively by providing a credit management suite that is fully integrated with the company's SAP system. This platform helps companies to stay away from bad debts, boosts overall performance, and increases revenues.

3. Credit reports:

SOA People's credit reports feature a unique ability to combine internal data with external information from reliable sources. It helps to identify your customers' creditworthiness so you can make informed decisions. It also helps you get all the information from different bureaus without having to visit their websites.

4. Payment Behaviour Pools:

Once you know your customer's payment history, you can determine how to handle them. This way, you can choose the most appropriate actions according to their payment behavior and avoid potential risks associated with some customers.

5. Cash collection:

If you want to keep your DSO low, it is important to get paid from your creditors. SOA People's Cash Collection solution helps you automate the process of collecting the money owed to you. Also, you'll be able to collect your overdue using different channels, such as real-time updates and reminders through emails.

Key benefits:

  • Prequalify your customers based on their financial information and risk factors
  • Get high-quality data that is ready for use in minutes.
  • Create dynamic credit reports with a variety of criteria using multiple sources of information
  • Reduce risks by avoiding bad debts with accurate credit reports
  • Increase revenues by boosting your customers' performance and collecting overdue payments more efficiently
  • Manage cash flow to keep DSO low, while staying ahead of the game with intelligent collections management tools built into SAP
  • And many more

Final thoughts:

If you want to stay ahead of your competition while managing risk effectively, SOA People is the company you need to work with. They offer solutions that help businesses streamline their processes and improve overall performance. It gives them quick access to accurate information about their customers, helping them make informed decisions concerning risk management.

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